Areas below sea level to fly

What are the areas, below sea level, that can be flown to and from?

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One part of Death Valley National Park along the California/Nevada border is up to 285 beet below sea level. Probably could be traveled through if one knew the coordinates but I do not know them. I’ve been there in person, there is a sign that says elevation: -285 feel; I have a picture somewhere.

Furnace Creek airport identifier is L06


Also KTRM Cochran Regional near Palm Springs, CA

Salton Sea in California as well.

One of the stats is distance flown below sea level inverted. That’s a fun one to try too.

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Dead Sea on the Palestine/Jordan border is a nice place for this in the Mediterranean region. Hop over to LLBG (Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion) and fly southeast towards the River Jordan and the Dead Sea.

(Sadly the terrain quality is not great in MSFS in this area.)

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There’s an old bug where flying below sea level used to cause you to crash. If you look af the topic, you’ll find lots of suggestions!

Flying the Minus numbers ( - ) is entirely possible now.
Here we are at Bar Yehuda Airfield LLMZ at the southern end of the Dead Sea. (Note Altimeter)

The terrain is not bad in this whole area and gave rise to one of my favourite screenshots from MSFS2020 so far;


Would be a long list for me because my sea level is apparently at 38,000 ft. today.


assal lake near djibouti -155 m. HDAM


Isn’t Amsterdam below sea level? Even Schipol elevation is -11 feet.

Keep meaning to try out the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia. Pictures show what could be fine interesting terrain as well.

The Netherlands would have been my first destination for this…

2nd image looks like “The Tsar Bomba” :fireworks:

The dead sea? Just an idea.

Would that count though? I mean, it sounds like this counts time spent flying below sea level. You usually fly at least a few hundred feet above ground, which then technically should be above sea level again. So maybe it counts the time you spend on the runway below sea level as well? But that would be rare. The lowest point below sea level in the netherlands is 22 feet below sea level.

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Fair enough, that would be pretty close to the ground…

Dead Sea it is…

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You meant in Israel.

Actually no, check the map my friend. Most of the Dead Sea on the west side of the Jordan border is within the officially occupied Palestinian territories, not Israeli-claimed territory.

We’re getting off topic though, so I’ll stick to the facts of the map. :wink:

This is a false statement.
The west bank’s status is disputed, but there was never a state called Palestine that held any territories.
The Mandatory Palestine included all of Israel, the west bank and Gaza, and was divided by the UN partition plan. The state of Israel was formed, but an Arab state never did. Instead 7 Arab nations attacked Israel. At the end of the 1948 war, the west bank was occupied by Jordan and the Gaza strip by Egypt.
Both lost that territory in the 1967 6 days war, and its status is disputed.
Anyway, a “Palestine” never borded a “Jordan” (it was Trans-Jordan back then, to signify it’s the other side of the Jordan river).
The Palestinian Authority (which is not a sovereign state) controls part of the west bank (and in theory should control Gaza as well). But does not border Jordan.
Check your map and what EXACTLY it shows.