Asobo Communication

The communication from Asobo/Microsoft is appalling at the moment and that’s the underlying cause of most of the frustrations being expressed on the forums. Is this going to change?

There’s an enormous number of queries outstanding on the forums that haven’t been answered and the weekly Dev update adds absolutely no value in my personal opinion.

What’s happening with resizable bar support, will it be introduced?

Is DLSS on the roadmap with DX12?

Has a date been decided for the next sim update?

Are the VR performance issues a FS2020 issue, an Nvidia driver issue or Windows related? If it’s a GPU driver issue, are you working with the third parties?

When can we expect to see overall performance return to normal following the SU3 update?

Jorg was due to provide an update on the performance issues on last weeks Dev update which didn’t happen. This was raised on the forums but we still haven’t received an update?

What changes have been introduced into the Q&A process to address the quality issues?

Have any changes occurred internally to place focus on the likes of performance, virtual reality etc?


Don’t you normally focus on performance when you are closer to having all required features implemented? Ensuring there is no performance degradation would be great though.

Performance should be first and foremost because it has such a significant impact on the user experience. There’s no point in having a feature rich game/application if it’s not performing well.


Hello, I try to understand the complaints on this forum but I must objectively admit that I do not find at least 89.12% of the problems I read here.
Mine is NOT a high-end system: i7-9700, Nvidia 2060, 32GB, Nvme drives.

However, I note three important facts in my opinion:

  • Surely those who “play” with satisfaction hardly write it here. It happens, but it’s rare.

  • None, reporting a malfunction, reports information such as: overclocks applied, power supply, correct system cooling.
    (I have done hardware servicing for decades and 1000 times the first step was to clean the inside of the case with a compressor).

  • How many mods are in the Community? Generally I found them working but it is still code that overlaps with that of Asobo-Ms. What impact can a buggy mod have on the sim?

  • Last but not least, information on your aeronautical knowledge appropriate to the chosen aircraft. It’s a game, but when I see complaints that a single-engined propeller aircraft on take off tends to go left or right, I have some doubts.

Of course, the developers still have some work to do but, as they are not infinite, they can only focus on the most urgent issues.
Over time I see the progress of the sim.

Hi, and don’t fly too low and slow, which is not good.


Thats exactely how i feel. There is no communication on the “sim” side of msfs. No info whats about the new performance problems, just ongoing screenshot contest in the “dev update”. tbh i expect a little more then news, how many airports are added to the store. I wanna see some technical infos, whats the team about to work on for the next month, stuff like this. The dev update weekly at the moment is more or less usless…


Mind you, with the hostility in this forum generally, it’s a wonder Jummiwosshername keeps coming back.


That’s called professionalism.

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I doubt that the sim developers have committed in personalised briefing or updates.
Or was it also derived somehow from the promo videos as well?
The extended communication and Q&As are provided in good will.
We are all free consumers to choose commercial products, judge them and dump them if we don’t like them.

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True, but honest feedback is something, you can see as a chance, to be even better then at the moment :wink:

MSFS has been out for 8 months. Still wearing it’s little baby shoes. They have issued 3 world updates, 3 sim updates, a few hot fixes, and have communicated with the community pretty well. I would consider that right on par with any other major game developers out there. Maybe even better than most.


If you bought a car that sputtered constantly and the manufacturer said that a resolution is on their roadmap for ‘2021’, would you accept that? Communication is the easy part, no one denies the time required to develop, identify and then address bugs. It’s the lack of information.


You might want to start posting this very same post in the place you might get answers:
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Lol that’s exactly what happens if you buy Tesla. :slight_smile: They ask you to pay 10 grant for full self drive capability now and promise it will be added somewhere later this year or even later.

On a serious note I wouldn’t use a car and a computer code as an example, its just not in the same category. Rather look at other computer games on the market and see if they do better. Some projects you don’t hear from for months or even years. So in my opinion they’re doing pretty good job with monthly life QnA and other updates.

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…Cyberpunk. It came out with an enormous number of issues and their community communication and change logs far surpass Asobo. They even apologised for the mess.

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MS/Asobo’s comms are fine. They don’t need to give a running commentary on what they are doing or plan to do. The uproar when they delayed a scheduled patch by a few days or the date of an item/bug/feature was pushed back or moved out of a release shows its not a good idea to give too much info - especially when the info is unconfirmed or subject to change.

Where they are right now is just the right level of comms.