Asobo Pilatus PC-6 missing rudder trim

Asobo included the Sticker “Please set correct trim before takeoff”, but did not include the Instruments for the Take-Off Rudder Trim (Compare with Milviz Version)

Lack of beta testing.
If they ask “us” to test it we will find bugs in 10 minutes… for free!!!
But hey, they prefer to let developers or gamers test it so, don’t buy it next time.
Milviz version is better and if you find a bug, they fix it soon and can release a new version when they want and not every 2 months.


Couple of things I’ve noticed;

Avionics switch doesn’t want to turn off.

Checklist doesn’t point to relevant control when clicking the eye icon next to each item.

Condition lever axis keybind doesn’t seem to work.


Furthermore: The Glass cockpit and Classic Version are not distinguished by Name in the Aircraft Selection. Come on, seriously?


I use CTRL+E to start the plane, release parking brakes, throttle up and nothing happens. I can’t take off. Is it just me being an idiot?

Also, it seems like mouse cursor and buttons/switches are misaligned.


Wasted money for the development… i wish they let Hans work on other things, for example further improving the CRJ instead of wasting his time on this recycled Aerosoft PC6 that was planned to release years ago but then got cancelled… We meanwhile know the default planes are only toys, so please stop baiting well known devs with a lot of money only to waste their time on half-assed planes.

Let them work for the good stuff!


Absolut…im happy with the MilViz Version :wink:

Hope you are fine


Yeah, happy MilViz customer here too. Im fine, thanks, hope you too! :slight_smile:


Yeah all fine here. At the Moment i’m struggling with a lot of Bugs aftre SU7


which ones did you encounter yet?

Menu Settings not be Saved now. I have to set manually after every Flight.
The Sim set it automaticly to EASY. (Support Options)
I never see that bevor the SU7 Update


ah, ive seen that a few times. after the first restart it will save. Happens only at the very first start, atleast for me

you mean Restart of the Sim? In my Case i have restartet 3 Times
Or a complete System newstart?

PS: The Volo is also really buggyin my Case.

Only work it correctly with Warmstart from the Runway

I have the menu settings reset problem too, and someone has already reported it.

Yes, Autostart dont work with STRG+E!

Its not really cold and dark. Starts always with Avionics on…


When i press the master switch on my honeycomb alpha, the engine starts automatically… And the fuel system valve switch does not work!

I filed that here:

Spent ages looking for that indicator and rudder trim switch. Took off in quite benign wind conditions and it pulled so far left, even full right rudder would only keep it straight. Surely the developers tried a take-off? Maybe we are all missing something. The instrument layout is very different to the MilViz.


Crash damage does not work with the new Pilatus and Pitts…