ASOBO + Working title, is amazing!

Despite the many complaints, I want to say big THANK YOU ! to ASOBO and WT.
Except very small and minor issues that are still present in the sim, I really enjoy it and extremely impressed with it’s capabilities. I took a multi leg flight from the east to the mid-west USA and I’m very impressed with the experience. The Graphics are amazing, performance are great, and the new WT NXi is really took it to the next level. I’m a current airline driver yet flying low with GA planes is a great experience. Here are some pictures I wanted to share with you, enjoy !
(Note the amazing tree draw distance !)

System : I9-9900K (Liquid Cooled), 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz, 1TB MSFS dedicated NVMe, RTX 3080Ti.


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