ATC Assigns Wrong Runways with Wind Direction

Since 2 or 3 days ATIS reports correct winds, but the opposit runway. Seen in Cologne EDDK, Dusseldorf EDDL, Gibraltar LXGB, Tivat LYTV. A wind from 059 results in ATIS reporting the active runway as 23 instead of 05 in EDDL.
Same on takeoffs.
Ich have mods, but the problem occurs also without mods.
Please help… perhaps there is a fasts workaround.

Noticed today when using the built-in ATC that it keeps selecting the wrong runway for use. For example, the wind is currently 295/13kts and the runway I was instructed to land on is RWY09 instead of RWY27.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Happened for both the departure and arrival on this flight, both with relatively large tailwinds for a small GA aircraft to try landing in.



I just tried to fly out of Charlotte (KCLT) using the BARMY4 departure and runway 36L, all chosen from the World Map. When I contacted the tower, they sent me to runway 23 instead. I’ve had this happen at other airports as well when starting from a parking space, with single-runway airports sending me to the wrong end of the runway, and multi-runway airports choosing the wrong runway altogether as in the Charlotte case mentioned above.


Yes had that happen last night. I went against atc and landed into the wind

I see this topic is rather quiet: Does anyone have the same issue?

When I select to start at a gate/stand, I’m directed to a random runway. Any way to choose which runway I want to take-off, or at least to select a more realistic runway (=matching winds, or not being the shortest one when I’m about to go with a fully loaded 78X)?

I found that ATC don’t even care about the wind. I was landing at LECU and the wind was 13 knots from 138. And ATC send me to RWY 27 instead of 09 (?)


Can confirm it does this to me as well…Ill tell it that i want north departure and it will point me into the south or vice versa…sometimes it works lol

This thread is probably quiet because the problem being described falls under the general problem of “ATC Is Broken”

My overall experience with ATC is that it is almost as useless as the ATC built into x-plane.

I’ve had ATC assign visual runway approach in conditions that would require IFR… and the airport was ILS equipped. Tried to force the issue by requesting specific runway. I got told to expect (approach I chose) and then "circle to land (the same runway I rejected… and circle to land is not possible in zero visibility.

ATC is just really, really bad overall.


I encounter same disoriented experience with ATC.
If flight plan is set up on the main menu, most of the time its fine but still getting the ‘descend too late’ problem. So my poor airliner has to perform fighter jet type of dive.
If flight plan is set up entirely within the aircraft FMC menu, ATC will completely ignore even if i send ‘request for IFR plan…’ with ATC menu. e.g. I setup for 9L take-off from EGLL but ATC instruct me to go 27R take-off, FMC setup landing runway 01 ILS but ATC instruct 25R at EBBR.

May be I should treat it like real life, you may not get what you choose to land, follow ATC instruction and change flight plan with new approach chart. or ditch ATC completely. Just follow my own plan.

Another observation I have is that ILS frequency for certain runways at some airports I flied are assigned incorrect frequency. That might have lead to difficulty in capturing G/S and Loc.

All these affect each other: live traffic, ATC, VNAV autopilot, FMC perf, FMC speed/altitude. Fixing one will not solve all problems. I hope at least VNAV and FMC perf can at least be improved. I can do without ATC haha.

That’s what I choose as soon as ATC won’t follow what I’d expect since there are SO many bugs. And even if you want to correct them by choosing another approach/runway and request it, it just stays silent, no response on the request.

Please report this via Zendesk. There are many navdata entries missing/wrong.
One example are the entirely missing SIDs at KORD (there are just transitions containing just a straight line from ORD VOR to the fix) which is even a handcrafted airport… :roll_eyes:

just fly out of airport silently :joy:

Yes, you can fly without ATC obviously. But ATC is an important part of the flight simulation experience for many, and it should be fixed.

Regarding ATC sending to the wrong runway, yesterday I had it happen twice. Actually, they sent to right runway but the marker the system creates said the wrong thing (it was 27 and the marker said 09).

But it actually was 27 and the marker was just wrong.


Yep, this is another issue. The text on the marker is always(?) the opposite runway. But the position of the marker and taxiway ribbon is correct, or at least it matches the ATC instruction.

Could it be that if you have made a flightplan, ATC sticks to the arrivel and runway you have choosen there?

For the last week or so the ATC has always given me the opposite runway of the one I should be landing on (using live weather), meaning I always had to land with a tailwind. This didn’t happen before that, so I suspect that the ATC got worse in this regard with the latest patch 1.9.3. This also happens when I leave the Approach as “automatic” during flight planning.

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Totally agree. ATC is terrible at the moment, and really doesn’t make any sense in a lot of instances.

Would really like to see this fixed.

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Especially when doing a flight, the runway that ATC is giving me is wrong and if would use it I would have a tailwind.
Does someone know how the SIM is determining the active Runway? Could not be the weather. Or have I select the right runway when I plan the flight, hoping that the wind doesn’t change in the meantime?


Well i’m using live weather and ATC always give me the right runway any where i land large or small airport.

Also using live weather

Maybe there are considerations other than wind in your case. What runway are you given for takeoff?