ATC Assigns Wrong Runways with Wind Direction

Since 2 or 3 days ATIS reports correct winds, but the opposit runway. Seen in Cologne EDDK, Dusseldorf EDDL, Gibraltar LXGB, Tivat LYTV. A wind from 059 results in ATIS reporting the active runway as 23 instead of 05 in EDDL.
Same on takeoffs.
Ich have mods, but the problem occurs also without mods.
Please help… perhaps there is a fasts workaround.

None of the ATC makes any sense whatsover- It also gives me horrible flashbacks to previous ATC options in older versions of MSFS. They’re trying to figure out a way to make it work- but honestly, I can’t imagine them pulling off something so complex and variable if they can’t even make autopilots or airport lighting work properly…


Two more flights, vfr from EDDL to EDDK and back to EDDL. Everything ok as it should. correct ATIS, correct runways.

I do not see it that negativ. Sure, its not 100% reliable, even finding the circumstances can be a real pain - remember the size of such projects.
In many cases it works fine.

Today i flew with the TBM from Augsburg EDMA to Dusseldorf EDDL. ATIS told me to land on Rwy 05. The real wind was corresponding and corect. Approach clearance told me to approach and land on Rwy 23. Very confusing and - i think - a bug (?). I decided to ignore ATC to land as planned on 05R, which was nice. Wind from in front of me. Everything ok, but ATC was disturbing.

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So I have noticed that FS seems to favor certain runways no matter what the weather is. As an example I fly a lot from EKCH and not matter what the weather is like the built in ATC always use runways 22R or 22L.
The same goes for EDDH always the same runway.
I doesn’t matter what I file in my flight plan the built in ATC will always switch on approach. I have also seen it switch from a filed flight plan with landing set to 22L and then it switched to 22R.
So if there are multiple runways available at an airport should the built in ATC then use weather data from the ATIS to select the correct runway?
Hope you can work this in for future releases.


I have noticed that ATC often seems to assign the opposite runway from what it should based on the wind, so you are taking off or landing with a tailwind. I assumed there was a bug in how it was reacting to the wind direction, but it possibly could be due to what you’ve mentioned. I haven’t paid attention to whether or not it was always assigning the same runway regardless of the wind. Either way there is definitely something broken with ATC runway assignments.


The problem with that is when you ignore ATC and land on the correct runway, they yell at you for landing without clearance.

I just yell back at them. They don’t appear to mind. :wink:


As long as they don’t start handing out phone numbers and issuing potential pilot deviations… :grin:


Indeed there are airports - in real life too, that let you land in tailwind conditions. Thats written in the charts. But in the cases i experienced, that is not the thing.
ATC is really not as good as it should be for a good airliner experience. I hope it will get better in future.

The problem is not tailwind, I often see crosswind up to 25 M/S and there are runways that would turn that into headwind instead. Now that shows me something is broken in the system.
At least add a logic where the filed flightplan is taken into account - or above a certain wind tress hold the ATC should think calculate if another runway is more appropriate.


I’ve noticed this a lot, I’ve almost stopped using ATC because of it. It’s very irritating.

There’s me, with METARs, my simbriefs, my navigraphs, and even the ingame windsock showing and expecting a certain wind direction and runway, and 9 out of 10 times ATC promptly assigns me the opposite runway.

It’s frustrating. I hope they address it in Sim Update 3, but at the moment I’m not even sure it’s acknowledged to be problem at all


Yes, I’m finding this on nearly every flight. Seldom am I directed to either take off, or land into wind. Many a time I’ve nearly ran out of runway, doing a fast, downwind landing. Or crabbed in precariously when a much more suitable runway is available. Or you ignore the directives, and get moaned at. It’s a real immersion killer.

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I have the same issue and it’s usually at the same airports although the more places I fly the more I discover. CYVR, KDEN, KGSP, KLAX, KBUR, KORF and counting. I am directed to take off with a tailwind or land with tailwinds. Not bad if it’s very little, but 5-10kts you start to feel the float.

If MSFS has the weather and wind direction correct, why can’t they use the actual runways open at the airports? Surely (not Shirley) there must be a data base that tracks what’s actually open at airports.

Does it happen regardless how you start the flight, with live weather set when planning the flight or when loading with clear skies and changing to live when on the ground?

Only just started using live weather, but this has shown up on my last flight.

WT CJ4 into LXGB (No ATIS) - assigned RW270 - when contact tower, winds 107 at 30… looks down realising you’ve forgotten to check the wind display and there it is 30kt tail wind !!! %# !!!

Yes, this is another rather embarrassing regression, ATCs are trying to kill pilots again.

I had a flight earlier, and ATIS reported one thing, the windsock blew almost opposite of the reported conditions, and ATC went totally maverick and ignored both ATIS and windsock, and did it’s own thing. It then proceeded to find the least sensible option (Read: Most dangerous) and declared it to be the active runway :astonished:.