ATIS text always scrolling after SU8

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

Brief description of the issue:
Now, as soon as you have read once the ATIS, each time you will open the ATC window, you will see again the report scrolling one time in the bottom line.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Just call ATIS once.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
Since SU8

It does on mine as well.
If you want this looked into, it would be a good idea to enter a Zendesk support ticket from the Support tab at the top of the page.
In there look for Submit a Request.
Cross refer your post to your request and add the request # to your post.
After that, the more votes here, the closer to the top of the triage list it gets.

Had a similar issue. Could not reproduce regularly.

Gave this an up vote, also.

@TheSevenflyer Good idea, I will open a Zendesk ticket.

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I had ATIS scrolling on the bottom with VAV frequency changing due to AI nav/radio.

ATC stopped all together. Frustrating as I’d set up from cold and dark Concorde from JFK only for ATC to stop after I handed over to departures. No ATC rest of the flight. Just ATIS scrolling. Happened couple of times now so voted.

And, of course, still broken after SU9 !

Apparenly it does not behave exactly like before, so they should have tweaked something around this, but when you reopen the ATC window, bang, ATIS text scrolling again !

I start to be fed up of this MSFS !

And… guess what, still a SU10 bug.

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Yes, still broken after SU10 !

Incredible ! :rage: :-1:

Still broken after SU11! Must be such a simple fix yet they insist on pumping out more gimmicks instead of fixing core sim issues.

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This bug still active after SU12…Use ATIS once and the unrealistic scrolling text cannot be stopped. Changing frequency does not get rid of it and it keeps on and on untill the whole flight is reset from scratch. ATIS report is not ICAO standard either !

I would like to understand what exactly the issue reported in this topic.
As per the title ATIS text is always scrolling. It should not ?
If you tune to an ATIS, you have an automated message reporting the ATIS information through a voice and the same information is scrolling in a text message at the bottom of the ATC window.
ATIS voice message is looping until you switch to another frequency.
On my system the text message is scrolling just once and voice message is looping the information.
Is that the correct behavior ? or the text message should also loop as the voice message ?
I would think that since the voice message is looping, the text message should loop too.
(I am under SU14B).

On my system, when an ATIS freq has been selected, you can hear once the whole message, while it is also scrolled in the text band, on bottom of ATC window.

The problem is that this message will never stop scrolling. When you close the ATC window and if you re-open it, even after 1 hour of flight, you will still see this specific message scrolling !!! Something which is obviously completely wrong.


Just read one more time and carefully the description, I understood the issue and can reproduce it. Agree it is still an issue.
The other issue I am seeing is the one I was explaining above, ATIS text message should keep looping and scrolling if you stay on the ATIS frequency. I think in previous versions it was acting like that (not 100% sure). But as soon as you switch to another frequency, ATIS message should stop right away and closing then reopening the ATC window should not show the ATIS message again.

Yes, this how it behaved years ago, in the fist times of MSFS 2020 !!!