ATSimulations Focke-Wulf P.149D released

A nice boxing day surprise


YESSSSSSS! Been waiting for that :slight_smile:

Just did a test flight with it. It’s pretty awesome I must say, with a couple small issues. First from cold and dark I couldn’t seem to get the radios working, and wound up having to ctrl-e to get them working. The engine RPM gauge also seems to not match up with what the external HUD is showing, so I’m not sure which is correct. Aside from that she’s a blast to fly, pretty fast and nimble enough for some aerobatics. Lots of liveries included as well. This will be getting a lot of use from me.


Cold and dark is no radio for me either. I don’t use the external hud, so I can’t comment on that one.

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Just bought it… Gonna fly it in about an hour or so. Will check it out.

Liking it so far, though I can’t seem to get the “Aircraft Manager” panel to display using Shift+3.

OK… I love the way it flies.


  • Cold and dark start. Radio doesn’t work even though overhead switch is on and power is on on the radio itself.
  • Aircraft Manager Panel doesn’t come up.
  • In Aircraft Selection screen none of the info like Endurance and Range is listed.
  • Once I DO have the radios on (Ctrl-E shortcut), I can’t seem to get them to auto-tune using the ATC window. I seem to have to actually dial the knobs to tune the correct frequencies. Does anyone see that?

I know from within the ATC window it appears to auto tune but I was at uncontrolled airports so there was no back n forth. I’ll have to try a bit later at a busier airport. For the radio issue during C&D I found hitting ctrl-e got the radios functional. It is a gorgeous plane though and flies great.

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What does this have to do with a Focke Wulf? :thinking:

Most of the Piaggio P149s for the German Luftwaffe have been built by Focke Wulf in Germany.

That’s all.


Thank you. Did not know that.

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Yep, same here.

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Finally an old school aircraft that looks, sounds, and flies great. Can’t wait to take this one across country steam gauge style. Bought this thing last night and had to tear myself away from the sim and go to bed.

Despite the already mentioned issues, this plane is gorgeous. The texturing in the cockpit is the best of any aircraft released for MSFS thus far. The physics are great and sounds are good, but lacking the spatial component. That’s to say, you open up the cockpit, or window vent, and the sound does not change.

The only other issue I found was the tail art on the skin with the lion on the tail. The texture is not symmetrical on both sides and does not match up on the vertical stab.

If you were on the fence with this one, don’t be. Best looking plane in the sim thus far, IMO. The suspension of disbelief is strong with this one.


Yes it’s a nice airplane and I do love steam gauges :hugs:.
However I feel it still needs some polish.

Here are some of the issues I’ve found.

  • As others have said, the radios don’t work unless you use Ctrl-E even if you turned them on (including the switch on the overhead panel).
  • The radios don’t autotune.
  • Even if you tune the radios manually, you cannot select the “2” unit. That is the radio frequencies jump from 121.xx to 123.xx. Setting any 122.xx frequency is impossible.
  • The transponder doesn’t autotune.
  • Even worse, when setting the transponder manually, the code you set (as shown in the tooltip and recognized by ATC) doesn’t match what you see in the transponder window.
  • Nothing happens when clicking the “gear switch” in the cockpit (you can still extend/retract the gear using keyboard/joystick assignments). EDIT: you can use the mouse scrollwheel to operate the gear switch
  • Similarly, you can’t seem to operate the cowl flaps by clicking/dragging the corresponding lever in the cockpit. The mouse arrow cursor never turns into the little hand while hovering on the lever, even though the cowl flap tooltip does show (you can still operate them using keyboard/joystick assignments). EDIT: you can use the mouse scrollwheel to operate the cowl flaps
  • When I first loaded the airplane, the propeller tips were all bent backwards as if I had crash landed, even though I had just loaded the flight, and the plane couldn’t start so that I had to reset the flight.

Finally, two very minor things:

  • The knobs to set the heading indicator and to set the heading reference are both labelled “heading reference” in the tooltips.
  • There’s no change in sound when opening the cockpit window.

Does anybody else have those issues?


I have a misplaced Pilot and Passengers. They are sitting higher and partially outside of the plane.


Yep, Forgot about that one. The fix is to go into the pilots config options and switch the pilot avatar, save, and then switch back, save and all is well.

I do like the aircraft, but as with their previous Cri Cri, I feel it’s been rushed out before it’s done. It’s just not acceptable for radios to not start, for auto tune not to happen, for all this weird stuff that really should have been taken care of by release time. I think it has a potential to get there, but these things need to be fixed.

Regarding gear:
I found that those can be interacted with in the cockpit by scrolling the mouse wheel. I am gonna fly it some more tonight, perhaps. See what else I find.

We ought to put together a list of issues and submit them to ATSimulations.


Seems promising. I will wait to see some of the bugs worked out, but I am sure I will add it to my virtual hanger.

As we’re talking about bugs:

I don’t know how you feel about that, but I think the camera views could need some work. Looking out the the right or left the view is too high and I’m almost always looking directly into one of the struts of the canopy. Also in the default cockpit view I can’t see any instruments.

Otherwise I think the plane is quite brilliant. It feels old, makes a lot of noise but is still nimble, fast and agile. And one fun fact: you can fly it with the canopy open :slight_smile:


Cowl flaps and landing gear operate by mouse wheel.
I manually tune radios, so not a problem.
As far as the view from cockpit, the plane was built with visibility in mind. So the occupants sit higher than normal ga planes. It seem realistic to me. Though I use trackir, so that when I look left, I can just look around that spar. Oh, and the movable overhead light is the coolest thing ever!