Autopilot Disappointment

You can pan your view - press and hold the right mouse button and then move the mouse. You can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move your viewpoint around.

Yes and start to learn in an „easy“ plane like the Cessna. Not a jet.

Thanks all. I learned a lot today. I think I more of less figured some AP out on the 787 dreamliner without any AI. I had no idea that existed and incorrectly thought MSFS completely nerfed AP with the silly gamey AI being the only AP option. I don’t really have a need to autopilot on the Cessna 172, as I just manually VFR it. But will want to see if I can make it work on smaller Cessna FBO jets. Grand Caravan is the smallest/slowest plane I’d even want to use AP.

Thanks. I’m assuming these are helpful? I’ve been hesitant to install any third party content due to incompatibility with sim updates. Maybe I’m missing out. I haven’t played the sim all that much, but recall hearing about community folder and content manager issues with third party updates.

What I find disappointing is this:

These are great mods. Just keep on learning as you are, soon you’ll be easily able to use AP in any plane. The principles are much the same across all planes.

I suspect you’re slowly starting to get bitten by the simming big :). Welcome to the club!

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Sounds logical. AP is trying to keep the aircraft flying how it has been told by you when you set it up, and now you are manually trying to move it off course.

Please determine which post helped you solve this disappointment and click the SOLVED box. It is unfortunate that this misunderstanding resulted in a post that suggested a shortfall in avionics. It would be helpful for others having similar difficulties to indicate you found a solution.

Maybe it is of help.
The last update is available on SEP/14-15/2021 in particular for the MSFS that has some AP problems.


Pls. read carefully the explanations. For FSX, MSFS, X-Plane
There are particular comments about the AP MSFS and how to overcome this logical errors.

ATIasHold is substituting all previous programs.
Created in 2011 and updated in 2021 following the various Simulator evolution.

This program is including the real mathematic world. Unfortunately there are still payware aircrafts with a not perfect mathematic response.

Intrasystem - Padova / Italy

No its not logical at all! This is absolutely not how it works in the real world. You and the autopilot are manipulating the same controls. its like the aircraft has two sets of controls in MSFS! In real life you can’t physically move the controls when the autopilot servo’s are engaged. When applying force on the controls this is sensed by the autopilot and when exceeding a certain threshold the AP disengages and controls are handed over to the pilot.

In other words MSFS should completely ignore manual control inputs whilst the AP is engaged until enough force is applied to disengage the AP (like it has been in every previous version of MSFS). I found this out because I wanted to test something quickly without getting my joystick so I used the keyboard, its impossible to engage the AP when flying using the keyboard as the controls don’t auto-center.

Otherwise, autopilot shall disengage upon stall warning activation or manual trim activation. Currently it trims full nose-up and happily remain engaged during stall.

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WT CJ4 has a good AP.

I suggest that you look at some autopilot tutorials on youtube, and you can set the cockpit views as you like and save them as custom cameras.

Well between Xbox users, and Microsofts insistence that everything wrong with the game has to do with having anything in the community folder…

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And it even worked……sometimes.

That’s what I’m settled on doing too on Xbox! This is the ultimate workaround mass-tip for flying the Longitude in it’s current broken state (without mods)

I don’t know, I just tried with the TBM930, during the ascent. Pulled hard to the left, AP disengaged. Pulled just slightly and the plane was pushing back.

Yes and the pushing back is nonsense. When you fly a plane in real life, there is only one set of controls. Both you and the autopilot “share” these same controls, if the yoke moves to the left the plane goes to the left no matter if its the autopilot moving the yoke or you, or maybe you steering through the autopilot (which you can’t really do in real life). The autopilot steering right when you steer left is absolute nonsense, weirdly the pitch axis does behave as it should and this only occurs on the roll axis. If you would try to move the yoke with the autopilot engaged, the autopilot would compensate by applying force against you, the yoke (and plane) however will not move! Thats why I’m saying, below autopilot disconnect threshold the control inputs need to be ignored, just like any previous version of MSFS.

So IRL even a slightest move on the yoke will disengage autopilot?

No in real life you can apply force on the controls with the AP engaged all you want, the yoke simply won’t move below disengage threshold. You physically can’t move the control with the AP engaged.