Autopilot not following flight plan

Aircraft (eg Kingair or cessna 172) do not want to follow the flight plan when I start from a parking lot but follow when start from runway at the same airport!?

I’m not sure what you mean by the aircraft ‘not wanting to follow the flight plan’ but I’ll take a stab.

If you’re starting an IFR flight from a parking lot with the instruments off you’ll need to start the plane up and get IFR clearance first. When you start at a runway the radios are already on and you may find your initial assigned altitude in the ATC text history.

is CDI source set to GPS ?


Selecting Cold & Dark from a ramp spot or jetway does not affect flight plan conformance. That’s likely an AP setting.

CDI/OBS is usually set to GPS. AP set to follow NAV mode guidance. Altitude Mode as your preference, but usually set to ALT to hold what you have.

I do not use ATC.
1- I create a flight plan in the menu from A to B where the starting point in the flight is a parking at airport A and the engines are running. Taxis out to the runway, lifts and engages the autopilot but the aircraft does not follow the given flight plan from A to B.

2- Starts directly from the runway at the same airport as in the case above and the aircraft follows the given route from A to B.

Can you confirm NAV Mode is enabled in Point 1? Also, ensure AI Co-Pilot Assist is OFF.

Nav mode is active and AI Co-Pilot Assist is OFF.

Does it just fly straight ahead? Runway heading? Other?

When I engage the autopilot, nothing happens and the plane continues on the course that is just then! I have tried via manual steering to steer towards the specified course in the flight plan but without positive results, ie the plane continues its own path (does not follow the flight plan)!

With the AP button pressed/lit, cycle the NAV button OFF then ON again. It should turn to the direction the Magenta Arrow is pointing to in the Compass Rose on the Primary Flight Display screen.

you probably have the CDI source on Nav1 , plane will fly straight ahead.
you can see what CDI source you have selected inside the Compas on the left screen , Purple = GPS = flightplan , Green = Loc1 or Nav1 , Double green = Loc2 or Nav2 , you can select the source of Cdi by pressing the button at the bottom of the left screen where it say’s CDI.

b.t.w changing the CDI source will disengage the NAV on the autopilot , click it again to activate :slight_smile:


I have tried NAV button OFF then ON again but without results.
Note the conditions regarding autopilot etc. are the same in case 1 as 2!

Many thanks for your help gentlemen but I unfortunately have to leave my PC now.

When you get back, it might be worth you posting some screenshots of your avionics. Zoom in to the relevant things if possible to make them easy to read.

There might be something obvious at work here that you aren’t describing correctly.

I moved your post to the Instruments section and put the word Autopilot in your title so it’s better understood what this topic is about.

Thank you!

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I’m having the same issue with the beechcraft king air…

Have been for a while. It’s not hard to understand, it’s simply that the AP will not follow the flight plan… even when NAV is on…

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Can you set a direct to waypoint? Maybe that kickstart the following of line?

Issue with flight plan

  • Aircraft/Autopilot doesn’t follow the Flight Plan. Solution: Open Windows 10 Control Panel > Region > Administrative Tab > Change System Locale… Uncheck: “Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support ” - Reboot the computer.


Issues with the AP not following a VOR course, but would follow the GPS. (VLOC vs GPS on the CDI)

Heading bug fine, too.