Avatar Diversity

I start out by saying I am a strong proponent of diversity. I wanted to set my avatar that was similar to my own characteristics being a blond middle aged white male but find that I am not represented in the avatar selection. Is it possible to add this option in the future? Thank you.


You can upload your own avatar using Preferences in your Account Details.


I think he is referring to the avatars in the sim

The choices are a system assigned random picture, avatars from Gravatar, which is a pseudo confederated identity that follows you from forum to forum based on your email address, or load your own.

The latter gives the most flexibility.

For example, the BitMoji app will start by taking a picture of you and assigning your Avatar physical characteristics based on the sample photo. You can then adjust to taste, and use the square shaped face portrait version as an Avatar. There are many ways to achieve what the OP is stating.

Yes I mean in the simulator…I am actually bald LOL but I used to have a full head of blond hair!

Then please consider voting in either one of these existing threads in Wishlist which have been raised since last year.

Perfect thanks!!!

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