"Bang" flying under bridges

I just took my first flight around New York in a Bonanza and I was blown away at how smooth the sim was with all that detail.

I couldn’t resist flying under the bridges. When I passed under them there was a bang from what seemed like hard turbulence. Is that something that is accurately modeled?

When the sim first came out, you would hit an invisible wall and crash. You’re probably seeing (hearing?) some residual from that after updates.

Can you fly under bridges now? I didn’t know that you could yet.

If you still can’t, I’m wondering if crash detection is turned off and that’s the sound of the invisible wall.

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That could be. I need to check my settings. I’ve had it off before because of terrain bugs that can cause unexpected collisions.

These bridges did have open air under them. Most are solid. Which is a problem if you are boating an Icon A5.

Yeah, the solid ones are photogrammetry.

There’s a Wishlist topic to remove the texture around solid photogrammetry bridges.

In one of the Developer Q&As, the devs said that this is something Bing is working on, but that was months ago and I don’t know if they’re still working on it.


Yes, one of the updates fixed most of the bridges having an invisible wall underneath



Automotive traffic is still doing all kinds of crazy stuff with bridges.

Near where I live there is an open drawbridge. The span appears as a black triangle. The cars on that bridge appear to be frozen structures. It’s interesting they don’t move. It’s like the system thinks it’s a building with parked cars. I would expect the cars to just float over the open span like they often do in other places.

I just downloaded the Pittsburgh bridge pack from the Marketplace and I can fly under those.

I haven’t tried flying under any of the hand modeled ones from the WUs yet, but I know the procedural ones cannot be flown under.

I was just checking the Pittsburgh bridge pack out! It’s so hard to say no to flying under nicely modeled bridges. Sure, IRL, I’d probably get arrested.

I just checked and I have crash turned off. I’ll probably keep it that way as most crashes I have experienced were from sim issues. Then add two minutes to reload a flight! I’d hate to wreck a good flight by crashing into an invisible wall.

One was the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m sure I’ve flown okay under the Tampa Skyway bridge with crash turned on. It’s a newer bridge to the sim but both are included in the WU.

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I am sure some bridges are fly [underable] since I fly under a lot just to see if I can.

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Clifton suspension bridge is a Great Bridge to fly under and there is no wall beneath it. Many years ago a pilot did it in the RW and died. My father was one of the firemen who found the body and sent a radio call saying he was dead and was told off as he was not qualified to prenounce death even though the head was detached from the torso.

Just found a link if anyone is interested. It was 1957:

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Wow, much going wrong there - “left the pitot cover on”. I suspect alcohol was involved, not sure if they tested for that back then.

I saw an AT-6 crash many years ago. I was in the CAP and it went down in our search and rescue training zone. We were not allowed to discuss the pilot’s status over the radio.

There are more than invisible walls over LA with PG on, bridges are hit or miss it depends

I got the bridge pack more to get rid of the bad effects of the photogrammetry bridges as Pittsburgh is my home city.

At $20 it might not be worth it for others.

I do the same. I got the nightime lights pack and some airports for my area. Problem is I like it but it would cost a fortune to get it for everywhere I go.

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