Barcelona LEBL - LatinVFR or JustSim?

I’m looking to pick up LEBL for XBOX and I see two options in the marketplace.

Has anyone got experience with both of these? It’d be great to know how they compare and which is best. They are both effectively the same price on sale at the moment.

I see a lot more reviews and talk about LVFR but perhaps JustSim is newer and not yet got the coverage?

Which works best with WU8?

I note that some users are experiencing the dreaded stutters at LEBL LVFR since WU8, how does JustSIM perform?

Personally, I’m currently keeping my hands off everything that comes from JustSim. You can almost quantify a failure rate of 100%. This is also reflected in the addon list. But everyone has to decide for themselves.


I bought LVFR last night…looks great and only a pretty minor FPS hit for me.

Same for me. My experience with them is that I am not going to buy anything else from them.

Really bad ground texturing, basically no updates, non-existent customer support and censorship on their social media.


I bought Latin VFR version vía marketplace. Its veyy dettailed, but after SU8 i noticed texture flickering increase

I can fully recommend the LVFR version. I’ve flown to and from LEBL last week in real life (and quite a few times before) and think it’s a very nice and realistic recreation.


I concur with what both these users said regarding JustSim. I had a lot of their scenery and frankly liked it a lot, but once (I can’t remember which) Sim Update rendered them unusable, they never came back and fixed any of them so they all CTD for me (at least too many to trust them or go thru and try each one again).

Right now I’m trying to find other vendors’ replacements of those I had and unfortunately I can’t most of them. They haven’t updated anything on Facebook either to indicate they even care. I just don’t trust them now.


I can also offer a solid recommendation for LVFR. They’re good about updating. They have nice renditions of all the airports they’ve done. Easily in my top 5 vendors for quality.

I have every airport they do except SCEL (I’ll get it once we have a good study level long haul like PMDG 777). I also use their AREX products but Ammon the fence about global traffic upgrades and probably not interested in jetways.

Thanks all! LVFR have already committed to an update of LEBL to fix WU8 issues in the coming weeks, seems like the choice is clear cut.


LVFR are good but both their main spanish offerings now need a little update each to reduce flickering and get back on the good side of fps with WU8.


LatinVFR for me it’s a liitle bit better :roll_eyes:

My LatinVFR Lebl keeps unninstalled in Content Manager untill next LEBL update.
Hope the Devs keep in mind the awfull flickering of the scenery and make some performance improvements as well.

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I own LVFR LEBL and I recommend that just because it’s LatinVFR. They make quality addons (I own all their MSFS airports and I absolutely love them) and their support is top notch.

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