Been pretty quiet so far but it needs to be said

Just a heads up, please engage in a civil manner with the damage control team. I’ve seen some of them stir up enough trouble to get topics closed.


Silencing the community only makes the matters worse and frustration will build up.
But yeah it needs to be civilized without name calling and swearing

With SU5 i have Many ctd. i would Prefer su4.


It’s in the release notes…

Cockpit interactions

Added the new “Lock” interaction system:

  • Set active by default but can be reverted to “Legacy” in Options / General Options / Accessibility.
  • Tooltips are now displaying the instrument name, instrument values, and controls (dynamic depending of the device in use)
  • Using the cursor or the camera center pointer, you can highlight any interactive cockpit instrument.
  • Once highlighted, you can interact with the instrument:
    • If the instrument is simple (buttons, 2 positions switches), tapping Xbox Controller A or Mouse left button will interact with it.
      If the instrument is complex (knobs, levers…), tapping Xbox Controller A or holding Mouse left button will lock on it.
    • Once locked on an instrument, you can:
      • Use primary (Xbox Controller A/ Mouse left button), secondary (Xbox Controller X/ Mouse right button) or tertiary (Xbox Controller Y/ Mouse middle button) interactions.
      • Increase/ decrease the instrument (Xbox Controller LT/ RT or Mouse wheel)
      • Use gestures (Xbox Controller left stick or Mouse movements)
      • Unlock the instrument (Xbox Controller B or release Mouse left button)
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The Menus bug with the time of day not sticking is surely something beta testers would’ve noticed, the Quality Control at Asobo is very poor, every patch yields schoolboy errors that should never of seen the light of day!



Yes it talks about the new “features” added. Doesn’t talk about what’s been fixed. As I mentioned before it’s more a commercial than anything. But the known issues are more informative of how broken the sim is than this so called release notes. But thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

What annoys me more than the fact Asobo produced and MS published this half baked update that promised to be all things to all men, PC and XBox user alike, and ended up failing both is that one can come on here and voice legitimate concerns and detail precise bugs and failures and get shouted down by the fans that either don’t have any of these issues or else choose to ignore them and be told we’re wrong. I’m loathe to draw parallels with the pandemic however it does make you realise that society has gone to hell in a handcart and perhaps we deserve everything we get. Maybe we should all get out more.


plus community and marketplace add ons that haven’t been updated yet. There should be no surprise that they cause issues given the scale of the upgrade.

This whole “downgrade for xbox” narrative is just plain wrong and tiresome. The conspiracy theories and theorists abound. What are people so afraid of? That others will enjoy their hobby too? Can’t have that can we? “It’s mine. All mine. Go away and play on your silly console”.

I mean really. People need to take a step back and look at themselves and what they post here. It tells you a lot about them as a person and as a human being.

If this update helps to get rid of some of these elements of this “community” then it will have achieved something positive at least.


The mods are not suppressing negative feedback and as long as a post doesn’t violate CoC rules it doesn’t get removed. Everyone is allowed to voice their opinion. :+1:


Yes. I also have this impression and like it.

Let’s face it, what we have now is an open beta test phase.


Guys, lets try and be a little bit more productive when reporting issues. I am not a MS/Asobo apologost, and I do believe this version has some serious faults (I have never had a crash to desktop before but on this version I have been able to not just get crashes, but also reproduce the actions consistantly). Also other downgrades.

However, rather than just moaning, here, frustrating as it may seem, why not actually try and report in as much detail (using screenshots, or event logs) to Zendesk, or even in the bugs section here.

Most devs are actually proud of their work, and really genuinely want to fix faults, but we do need to help them, and just saying this is broken without going into detail does not really help.


I respectfully disagree. I worked for some of these companies (not MS) and we never just released code cause it’s deadline. Never.
Sometimes you kill features or reprioritize, at worst deadlines slip, but quality has to be preserved.
You have a brand to protect, customers to keep happy, and bad code has a cost downstream.
It’s bad business.

Does it happen from time to time? Yes.
But it’s not the industry standard and Microsoft knows better.

They have the talent, the processes, the systems in place to do proper program management.

How this happened is probably due to the articulation with an external dev team.

OP is right, they need to get their stuff together.

Asobo: Please do proper QA testing. Please do not waste your customer’s time.


I say Amen! :sparkles:

Again: Stop with misinformation.


This wasn’t a major rework of the simulator engine.
This was a nerf of visual fidelity to achieve the golden 30fps minimum required for Xbox

I’m sure it works great in a 3rd person view on a big screen that’s 3m away from the viewer but it now looks like utter pants on a large monitor from within the cockpit with headtracking.

On the 26th I could visually identify a marginal dirt or grass strip in the Kenyan bush from a distance.
Now I’m almost on top of it before the scenery has enough fidelity to figure out if there is a landing strip there and where the obstructions are.

Sure, I’m getting 80fps up from about 45 now. But that’s not much help if I can’t keep a runway in sight off my left wing because it redraws the entire scene every time I move my head. (with all the associated sudden FPS drop, stutter, loss of visual fidelity etc) or indeed if that runway simply isn’t being drawn properly because it’s a mile away.
I’m seeing bushes pop out of existence and then back into existence as they pass the frame of my windshield FFS!


But mobile app is fine? X-Plane is on mobile phones and it’s their largest audience and revenue driver.

Lots of over the top comments here. The sim runs fine for me. Performance is good. Zero CTDs. I can understand people being angry that it’s not working for them but saying Asobo don’t test properly is nonsense. Lots of people don’t have any issues with the update. We are all busy flying instead of posting that there were no problems with the update. People will post if they have problems and this can give the impression the sim is faulty for everyone or most, which it isn’t.


Having been part of the SU5 Beta, I’m pretty sure a lot of the issues, including some of the CTDs are caused server side which is expected with a new platform launch. Just chill and give it a few days for things to settle down a bit.

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