Blackbox BN2 Islander Version 2.0 PC & Xbox Released in Marketplace

Is this FSUIPC or spad-whatever?

I use touchportal on an IPAD, with the MSFS plugin:

Not sure how the magic happens… :slight_smile:

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(clutches pearls)

SPAD WHATEVER!?!?! :wink:

I’ll fire up the sim here in a moment and use Spad Whatever ™ and see if I can sort out what the fuel pumps are triggering.


Fuel pump switch (port side)
FUELSYSTEM_PUMP_ON (parameter 5)


Fuel pump switch (starboard side)
FUELSYSTEM_PUMP_ON (parameter 6)



Scenery is on , TAPH,TRPG and TFFS are more difficult ones nearby

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Wub wub wuub wuuuuub wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuub wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubbbbbbbbbb :sunglasses:

Let’s stay on-topic of the BN2 Islander. Thank you.

So, lets hope the marketplace updates the plane this week.
About time Asobo


I’m trying to add my own livery to the new BN2 Islander Ver 2 by reverse engineering a livery I downloaded from, but I’m not having much luck.

Does Blackbox have a (or is there another) tutorial with specific steps on how to create a livery from there blank paint kit? I understand how to ‘paint’ my livery in photoshop (in my case I’m using Affinity Photo), etc. I just don’t understand how to go from photoshop (Affinity Photo) back to MSFS so that everything is in the right folders and formats.

I do know how to convert the .png files from Affinity Photo to .dds. At least that.

But things aren’t working out well trying to reverse engineer the whole livery.

For instance, where do the .json files come in to play. Have no idea what they do or what they are created from.

Pointers, or better yet, a comprehensive easy-to-follow tutorial would be great.


I did a true “White” livery with blue spinners to replace the stock white liveries that have the red markings. I still want to put a small logo for my own imaginary air service. But I just replaced the liveries in the main installation instead of making a community addon. Since it’s just for me, I didn’t see the point in doing anything extra like that. The only thing I have left is to grab a screenshot in the “Hangar” to use as a replacement thumbnail.

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Thats why we have an SDK :slight_smile:
I suggest you download it and peruse its many pages … all you wish for is right there

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Is the MSFS market place ver .1.3.x the same as the v2 in the Blackbox Shop? Or…does it not come to the marketplace?

No, the current version is 2.1.2. and not the same as 1.3.X

v2 was submitted for the Market Place weeks ago, but as usual it takes an eternity to get integrated. Plus they skipped last weeks Market Place update altogether, because there were some changes made to it that are dependent on SU10, which of course only was released yesterday.

It would say ver 2.0. Unfortunately, although BlackBox released 2.0 to MS some weeks ago, they have not yet put it in the Marketplace. I check everyday and still no update. My guess is they have been holding off on updates until SU10 released. Hopefully, it will soon show up now.

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I have it on good authority that the BN2 Islander V2.1.2 will be released on Marketplace today
(Not my personal promise )


Good idea. Ha ha! Over time in this wonderful world of simming, I’ve lulled myself into thinking that painting one’s own liveries is a product feature for the end user, when really it is a development thing, after all!

So… heh heh, now… where would one download this fabled document which might make one’s wishes come true? I see it not! :grin:


It’s on this very website, here:

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I bought the BN2 Islander and am very happy with it. Looks good, feels good, sounds good.

But I still have one question: why is my co-pilot sitting in the second row instead of next to me? Is it possible to show or hide the co-pilot? Is it possible to show passengers like on the C310R?


  1. It is not a co pilot … its a passenger as the Islander is most normally a one man operation
  2. You can simply remove weight from the corresponding seat.
  3. There are No additional passengers
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Ahh. I see. Thanks. I thought NightMercury was referring to an Black Box Islander SDK.
My confusion is retreating.

Thanks, tclayton. This is what I ended up doing, too – replacing .dds files in the main installation and changing the .cfg file . Much easier for my limited needs.

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