Blackbox BN2 Islander Version 2.0 PC & Xbox Released in Marketplace

If any of these ‘passenger campaigners’ were really serious, they’d have downloaded this freeware library:, read the relevant sections in the SDK here: and created their own; which the rest of us could then download from and criticise till the cows come home -
“They don’t add any weight when you select them”
“They add too much weight when you select them”
“They’re all white males, it’s racist”
“There are too many young women with big boobs - it’s sexist”
I for one can’t wait - as Capt. Harris used to say in Police Academy: “mooove it, Move It, MOVE IT!”

Maybe it’s not a criticism :person_shrugging:

Honestly, my only wish for something to change would be for a more generic cargo representation. If I start out in San Juan PR with an imaginary load of “bat juice,” I’d rather see something other than a load of Portland Cement sitting behind me. But if that never changes, I’ll still be flying her and loving every minute!

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So, you’re running ILLICIT bat juice disguised as Portland Cement? Is this YOUR airplane, Sir?


Gosh - I certainly wouldn’t want to develop an A380 for you

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That screw was a deadheading First Officer though.

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If the point is that Islanders never use copilots so you made the copilot appear in the passenger section so you can say it’s a passenger, why not just have the copilot not appear as lots of other aircraft do? It’s all very well saying you can change the clothes in the options but I don’t want to have to keep changing this back and forth when flying different aircraft. The twin otter was so loud I used to change to headphone simulation in the options every time I flew it then changed back when flying other planes. The end result was I don’t fly the twin otter any more.
Also if I had a real Islander and I was giving a friend a ride I would let them sit up front.


please give it a rest now


Dude give that passenger/copilot thing a rest. Also, if you spawn on the runway the window is open, when you close it the enginenoise is not very loud, and if that still is too loud there is a seperate engine noise audio slider.
Just realise that irl the Islander is so loud passengers get earbuds.

To me personally it sounds glorious, takeoffs in the Islander are obligatory window open events :stuck_out_tongue: Gotto love that BRAAAAAAAAP!

Btw not sure if we have the latest update in the marketplace but atleast in the cargoversion it seems that the compass in the window is off by around 20degrees. The HSI (without adjusting) and GPS show the same headings. And i cannot change the DME freq like some others.

The plane is so much nicer to fly with that new flightmodel specially the deployment and retraction of the flaps feels really nice. Se is going to be flown a lot on the trip from Chile to Alaska, together with the 337.


Just bought the Islander yesterday and really liking it so far!

Wondering where I can find more details on the different variants and what it modelled in the MSFS-version. Couldn’t really find it in the manuals or on the developer-site and the wikipedia-info is a bit confusing.

Appreciate any info on this or if I’m just missing it in the documentation.

Dont quite understand what you’re missing ?
If its in the BN Manual its 99% sure to be in the BBS Sim

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Challenge accepted. :wink:

did anybody say it was a challenge ?

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Don’t get so defensive, Geoff. Only jokes.

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Loving this aircraft and it’s the one I’m using the most right now. If I have one complaint it’s that the propellers look a little low-poly when spinning. Also there’s a strange shimmering in the back wall of the plane when the light hits it. Very minor complaints which just proves how good this plane is.

I’m only trying to understand what the differences are between the variants. Like if they all share the same engines, is the long nose version just cargo space, what’s special about the Defenders etc?

I’m not saying all this has to be in the manuals, just eager to learn and grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

Same basic airframe/wing/engine’s.

Long nose is extra cargo hold
Defender is maritime petrol radar in nose ‘thimble’ radome + the sensor operators console behind the pilot.
Some have wing tanks. And option for external weapons stores (ASW torpedo’s, depthcarge, air dropped mines, survive raft SAR pods.

and I did :slight_smile: LOL

Thats about it :slight_smile:
Thanks @VoraciousJet

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Great, thanks!

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