Blinking clouds after patch 5

Thanks for your reply. Just know that I wasn’t beating myself up because of age… Just stating the facts! I do enjoy aviation and computers. What I don’t enjoy is being screwed over after ten weeks of fun! And, I believe that is exactly what has happened… And not just to me!


I agree with you too I feel cheated


Not all 900, my 970 (4GB) doesn’t have the issue

Oh God… this makes the simulator so unplayable that I’ve decided to just avoid running it until a fix is available. And I really hope there will be a fix in a reasonable time…

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Yeah, this was when we were still investigating the issue. After more reports started coming in it became clear that Maxwell 2.0 is not affected by this issue. However, there is no guarantee that it won’t be rendered obsolete in a later update, based on support responses to our inquiries.

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There won’t be, official support confirmed multiple times that the new cloud system is incompatible with the affected GPUs, and that the only way to stop it is to upgrade to a newer graphics card, or fly with Clear Skies. Check out this thread for more information.

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In a 10 years cycle game, my 970 will be obsolete a day for sure. Minimum spec can’t be the same for such a long period. But it’s to early for this issue, i’m agree.
i will change for a new computer (with RTX 20xx ) in a few month so i’m not scare about my GPU to become obsolete :wink:

My reply from Zendesk was as expected “Your graphics card is too slow”.

However they did not answer my question “why was this problem not tested before release?”

My gtx750ti runs Xplane 11.5 with Vulkan at well over 40fps. Go figure.


My dear @ChaoticSplendid, please STOP with the “they have said they won’t fix the issue”!

If enough people complain, they might need/want to change their minds. :grin:


I sincerely hope I’m terribly wrong about this, but after seeing over ten reports with a similar response, and considering they are not even trying to come up with a proper response to the Intel graphics matter, I’ve given up hope of this bug being fixed. I won’t stop raising awareness so that this does not happen again, but otherwise I feel this fight is lost.

When Update #6 is released next Tuesday we will have our final definitive answer I guess.

I voted for this thread, anything else I could do ?

Most importantly, send a Zendesk report. Then, there are some more threads that you can upvote or participate into.

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Are you as curious as I to see what they will break in Update #6? I’ve really lost confidence in these people. :-1:


I will … thanks!

Can someone enlighten me about the GTX 1660 TI OC, in terms of it still having normal (non-flickering clouds) after and Would be much appreciated!! Thanks!

I would hope you would be OK since it has the Turing chipset and DX12 support

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I don’t have the TI but I have the GTX 1660 Super and no flickering clouds.


Just bought the gtx 1660 super to upgrade the 780ti

Easy to do an upgrade on desktop…most users with a gaming laptop are unable to update… Had no warning from Microsoft that ASOBO is going to break the clouds in the simulator. Some of us are probably considering getting this sim on Xbox series X but there is no information available how it will perform/look and compatibility of pertitheral hardware… Instead of implementation of the changes after the Xbox purchase option becomes available and proper notice period…they just broke the clouds and seem to ignore requests for at least a temporary reprieve.

I wonder whether Jorg Neumann (Head of Microsoft Flight Sim) is aware of this and how he would respond
to this issue given that his intent was to make this simulator as accessible to the community as possible or for that matter Martial Bossard the lead software engineer from ASOBO…

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I received the “Unfortunately, there is no fix here other than using the simulation on lower settings, which in this case might have to be without clouds” email in response to my report to Zendesk. Just to add to your tally. Seems like they have a stock response to this now.