Blinking clouds after patch 5

It’s not about whether something goes out of support. We all know things do over time.

The issue as many have stated before is that we bought this software utilising the specified hardware guidelines and test driving it using Xbox Game Pass. It’s like test driving a car with apple car play or Android Auto and buying it only for the dealer to remove these features at next service without telling you…

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Do not always read the last post. Read my posts 96, 102, 105 and 107. I am on your side.

GTX 750TI Flashing clouds are very distracting and give me a headache.

My message to Zendesk:

"Since 1.10.7 I often get flashing clouds.

This makes the sim unusable and gives me a headache. Some say a workaround is to remove all clouds, which makes a mockery of Live Weather. I have a GTX 750TI that meets the minimum spec. Many users with cards that meet the minimum spec have flashing clouds

The display was fine before 1.10.7 I have a (temporary) XBox pass - I will not buy the full product until silly bugs like these are fixed.

Finally, why did nobody spot this problem before release?"

HEY! LISTEN UP! – The very best way to try to get these flickering clouds fixed is for every one of you who hasn’t done so, 1) report your issue on Zendesk, and 2) vote on the issue in this forum.

Or, make a “Warning to others video” as I did and post it on YouTube and put a link in this forum.

Heck, I’m 76 years old. Got way more years behind me than in front of me. Was really enjoying virtual travel and the scenery was fantastic. I just want this thing to work for me as it did for the first 10 weeks.



Please vote Bring back Clouds previous to update 5.


Thanks!! I voted! After all, here in U.S. It’s election day!!!


Don’t beat yourself up on the age, you are always a kid if you enjoy aviation and computers!!!


I have tried other cards I had in my parts boxes and pricing other cards - I need to fly! I loaded FSX but it is hard to go back after using the new scenery. If I can scrape enough change together for a 1650 or similar I may go that route. :grin:

The GTX 1650 Super is a lot better with a minimal increase in price, so I would recommend stepping up to that if possible. NVIDIA claimed back in early September that they would be rolling out the full Ampere line-up more quickly than previous generations so it might be worth waiting for a potential RTX 3050 or similar, but then both the RTX 3070 and the RTX 3060 Ti were delayed.

Ever since the simulator was released I’ve also felt really tempted to just buy a GTX 1650 Super, but knowing that there could be a good replacement just a few months later, I would probably be kicking myself later since I cannot upgrade very often.

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The super is exactly what I was looking at last night. Waiting on the new cards is not an option unfortunately from a cost standpoint. This card can at least get me back in the air for a decent price.

I see. Still a very good card, and at 1080p you should be able to play at the High-End preset (maybe Medium textures due to 4GB VRAM) with at least a constant 30 FPS. Have fun!

No add on here

Thanks for your reply. Just know that I wasn’t beating myself up because of age… Just stating the facts! I do enjoy aviation and computers. What I don’t enjoy is being screwed over after ten weeks of fun! And, I believe that is exactly what has happened… And not just to me!


I agree with you too I feel cheated


Not all 900, my 970 (4GB) doesn’t have the issue

Oh God… this makes the simulator so unplayable that I’ve decided to just avoid running it until a fix is available. And I really hope there will be a fix in a reasonable time…

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Yeah, this was when we were still investigating the issue. After more reports started coming in it became clear that Maxwell 2.0 is not affected by this issue. However, there is no guarantee that it won’t be rendered obsolete in a later update, based on support responses to our inquiries.

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There won’t be, official support confirmed multiple times that the new cloud system is incompatible with the affected GPUs, and that the only way to stop it is to upgrade to a newer graphics card, or fly with Clear Skies. Check out this thread for more information.

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In a 10 years cycle game, my 970 will be obsolete a day for sure. Minimum spec can’t be the same for such a long period. But it’s to early for this issue, i’m agree.
i will change for a new computer (with RTX 20xx ) in a few month so i’m not scare about my GPU to become obsolete :wink:

My reply from Zendesk was as expected “Your graphics card is too slow”.

However they did not answer my question “why was this problem not tested before release?”

My gtx750ti runs Xplane 11.5 with Vulkan at well over 40fps. Go figure.