Blinking clouds after patch 5

I have the same problem too I have a GTX790ti

Same problem since update 5. My Nvidia GTX780M worked flawlessly from launch on medium graphics settings. Now whole sky strobing and flashing so quickly one could get epilepsy… Doesn’t happen every time … Sometimes loads perfect and then the next flight or landing challenge sky strobing like crazy with artefacts…!




also have a nvidia card, the RTX 2070 Super with latest drivers.
I am not experiencing this issue.
maybe older nvidia cards do?

I wonder if this has to do with the aggresive sharpening that a lot of users are seeing since the latest patch?

I’m wondering whether Microsoft updated the simulator by any chancr to DirectX12? Kepler mobile GTX780 cards are is no longer supported by NVIDIA so no DirectX12 and Vulcan driver…even though the card is certified to be DirectX12 compatible and Vulcan and DirectX12 APIs are meant to take some load off the hardware and provide better frame rate even on older hardware. This is method of forcing people who bought quality hardware for a high price to upgrade… However we all bought the simulator on the premise that it would work on our hardware and until one of the recent updates…it did without an issue. Fingers crossed Microsoft fixes this.

J’ai le même problème que vous avec une NVIDIA GTX770 MSI. Ce problème n’apparaissait pas avant la dernière mise a jour de MSFS

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Thank you for your feedback Bullitss21 let’s hope it is fixed soon.

Please submit a Zendesk ticket here, hopefully they will address this problem:

PS I believe the forum rules are to please use English. But I’m learning French so I’m grateful for the practice!

J’apprends le francais depuis deux ans. :slight_smile:

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Summitted ticket to Zendesk. Awaiting reply or fix :slight_smile:

thank you MKASYD787

I think you may be correct about the changeover to DX12 on some specced cards. My dxdiag says my system is DX12 but I think there is a newer flavor that it is not capable of using. I believe the GPU spec was for Nvidia was GTX700 or better 2Gb minimum RAM so I don’t think they can say those cards are obsolete, especially after only what like 10 weeks?

I would hope not. I mean it’s still 100% playable, you just have to completely turn the weather off… lol

And when is the next patch?

Not sure, but somewhere in this thread there are at least two official responses to Zendesk reports that basically say they don’t think this is a bug and it will not be fixed. Advice was to turn graphics settings down (weather off in this case) or upgrade video card. I think all we can do is file the bug reports and hope there are enough to turn a head.

Well at least I was not told my card is obsolete and the is no


These too will become obsolete at some point. Only when? In 1-2 years, 1 year or in the next patch? Only Asobo knows that. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it will be unexpected. :laughing:

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It seems to me that this, plus the many other problems reported in these forums and the fact that we have had 5 updates in the first 10 weeks, is indicative that we are all (unwilling and unwittingly) taking part in a massive beta test program. I have wasted a lot of time and money in a piece of software that is far from ready to go live.

Being told that the only solution is to run the simulator with clear skies is just ridiculous! Part of the selling point for FS was/is the live weather option, which for many of us is now impossible to use. And what happens next? How long do other users have before their systems are no longer usable?

I’m personally going to leave FS alone for at least six months to wait for it to settle down and for some conclusion to be drawn as to what the minimum hardware requirements actually are. After that maybe I will consider doing an upgrade to my hardware. In the meantime I’m quite happy with X-planes 11.5 with Orbx add-ins and JustFlight GA planes. It all works, it’s stable, and well documented - all of which FS isn’t!! Sorry to sound so negative, but it’s just the way I see it.


It appears that another thread was merged with this one.

To answer a question above, MSI Afterburner says that the simulator is still on DirectX 11.

Can’t link a zendesk ticket as only you can log into your own zendesk. :wink:

As expected, and if the scalpers hadn’t ruined the Nvidia launch, I would have a 3090 already.

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