Blinking clouds after patch 5

Thank you for your reports here and on Zendesk.

Our team has recorded the issue in our internal bug and issue tracker. This does not mean you will see the issue fixed in the next update, but has been recorded and prioritized accordingly.


Thank you for the heads-up. Even if it is not coming in the next update, is this confirmation that at some point the issue will go away?

I was hoping to be surprised in this next update but this seems to confirm that is not the case (Unless theY unknowingly fix it by fixing/breaking other things). I am not counting on a fix but looking toward hw upgrades someday that I hope will not be obsolete too soon after more development.

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So suspens is finish for me, no fix in new update today ? :frowning:

Hope we hear good news soon … I like this sim so much, hope everything back normal again
Thank You.


Today’s update doesn’t fix this problem, unfortunately


Using the graphics card latest drivers?

Yes, this issue occurs under several driver versions.

Confirmed, downloaded the update and issue remains. I anxiously awaited this update hoping to see a better result.


Same for me even now after the America update. I’m unable to play the game anymore at this point. I will be retiring to another game until this one actually works again. Breaks my heart.

nvidia gtx960m

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It is a heartbreaking issue indeed, considering the clouds are gorgeous and one of the game’s selling points, but the response by Taleboules2146 above now gives us hope that a fix is in the works, even if it might take a while.

At this point it seems that it all depends on their prioritisation of the issue, which is directly related to the amount of people that report it. So if you’d like to help, please make sure to file a Zendesk report, and to upvote the thread I’m linking below.


Agreed on the heartbreak, actually a bit depressing after finding the update did not resolve the issue. I try to remain optimistic like Chaotic but Iosing faith that they tackle this with all other things they are planning. I read in some of the forums how folks are praising the team for this update and how much they achieved. I do wish we could play alongside them and share in their joy. In the meantime a percentage of their customers have been a month without the game and now we have to hope that two more updates (months) or more that it “might” get fixed? I paid more for this title than any game I have ever purchased dating back to 1980. It is also been the most disappointing since it is the only title that was rendered unplayable by the devs - only a few weeks after release. Unacceptable.


Your statement is spot-on. I keep seeing people enjoying the updates to the game and praising Asobo, but I just cannot share that feeling knowing that I still cannot play with weather. It really hurts.

But it is not often that a community manager/support agent directly replies to a bug/wish thread in the Self-Service section regarding the state of the issue, which gives me hope that they are escalating the matter, bringing us closer to the solution. After all the amount of people reporting the issue keeps growing at a steady rate, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they are reprioritising this problem now.

For now we can look forward to the Developer Q&A and the next Feedback Snapshot this week. The community managers are aware of the issue being ignored by the developers which means we might see some change in that regard.


They need to do something more - it’s just unprofessional the way it’s been handled so far.

I mean, yeah, change the rendering engine, if you must. Remove support for old video cards if you must. It’s a yucky decision, and I hate it, but I’ll deal with it, probably eventually by buying some newer hardware.

But do it right! No professional piece of production software should ever have a combination of hardware and accessible options that causes rendering glitches like this. If you don’t want to support weather on Kepler or Maxwell cards, fine, so be it. But then you bloody well do the work to detect those architectures, deactivate and disable the feature automatically, and make sure the option to select weather is never even visible.

This is the graphics equivalent of having an uncaught exception make it up to the user interface. It’s just not something a professional developer should ever allow to get out the door. Uncaught exceptions and visibly buggy options may be acceptable on your hobby projects you build on your home PC, but literally Day 1 of being a professional software engineer is error-catching and correction. You just simply don’t let uncaught exceptions get up to the user interface, and you just simply don’t leave known-unsupported combinations of options accessible. Not in software people are paying for, not even in open source projects that aspire to any degree of professionalism.

Professional building contractors don’t leave holes in your walls - they sand, plaster, and paint them up, nice and smooth. And professional graphics developers don’t leave glitchy unsupported features accessible. They detect your architecture, and set and expose the graphics options appropriately. Detecting a GPU’s features is literally chapter one in any competent low-level graphics API book. That’s what makes this still a bug, regardless of whatever bs messaging they gave support about this being an unfortunate incompatibility with legacy hardware.


I guarantee you that if they had done that, it would have merely triggered a slew of new threads, first of all complaining that they can’t access certain weather controls for some reason, then when the community investigations get in to full swing, more threads complaining about Asobo disenfranchising users in some perceived underhanded way.

They couldn’t win, no matter what they did. Imagine reading the bullet point for the next update that reads:

  • Disabled cloud rendering of clouds for Maxwell & Kepler cards. Soz!

I don’t think the community would be very happy with the decision, no matter how it was packaged. I myself am flirting with danger with my 1080, and at some point in the future its quite likely that a change will lead to problems for my card then.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t feel too happy about that either, but at least we might have had more information regarding what exactly was changed. I downloaded the patch feeling excited to try out the changes, only to see massive flickers all over the screen. And then it took several days to compile enough reports to find out what exactly was causing the issue, and then even more days for support to tell us that there was a change in the cloud system (otherwise we would have no idea) with no plans for a fix. Out of all ways to handle the issue, this was by far the worst one.

At least I think they learned their lesson now. There weren’t too many reports in the first few days, but now we’ve got new people complaining about this almost every day, and both this and the Wishlist thread have gathered enough votes to get the team’s attention and then reconsider. I think you’ll be secure enough with your GTX 1080 for lots of time to come following this. Considering that Turing did not provide a real upgrade path and that it will take several months for Ampere and RDNA 2 supply to catch up, Pascal is still a very popular architecture and there will be a huge outrage should they do something that makes the game incompatible with those GPUs, even in a few years from now.

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I’m not too fussed, as I already have my eye on a new card, but as you say, a combination of supply chain, and bots are making this more difficult that it need be.

I’m not sure they ever explained what the change was, only that it happened. I assume it was a change to fix some other issue, and the fallout was breaking it on older cards i.e. an intended fix, with a perhaps un-intended consequence.

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Yeah, no real explanation. We were only told that the system was changed. It is presumed that this new cloud system is also causing the pixelated and grainy appearance of the clouds (I still don’t know whether this only affects a few users or that everyone just has a different tolerance towards this artifact), but it could also be the new TAA failing to denoise them properly.

We have no idea what’s going on, and this lack of transparency from Asobo is what’s bothering me. I made a thread in the Developer Q&A regarding the supposed shifting system requirements and stealth changes in the patch notes, but unfortunately it didn’t gain much traction. If we could get some sort of explanation about this whole matter in today’s stream it would be great, but sadly it’s not going to happen from the looks of it.

I wish you luck in getting a new card. I too will be upgrading this generation, once the mid-range GPUs are released, but sadly it could take months until I get my hands on one without breaking the bank. With corona creating a difficult situation for supply, shipping and prices in several regions, it is not very decent to tell someone to upgrade their system in these times. Unfortunately we’ve had a few users with bleeding-edge systems mocking us for our older hardware and saying that we should have upgraded when this situation has existed for almost a year now.


Oh, I agree. There’s no way you’re ever gonna make people happy disabling a (the?) key feature of the application for a chunk of your user base.

Basically though, they chose the worst possible compromise. They ticked off a bunch of their users /and/ made themselves look massively unprofessional in the process. Like your kitchen contractor realizing that for whatever reason, they can’t finish building what you wanted, like there’s wires or pipes or structural supports they can’t relocate, so they rip out their half completed work, leave a big ugly hole in the wall, and just say “deal with it.” Not professional. Not cool.

The correct response, of course, and what I think we’ll probably end up seeing, is bolting the legacy code back in and having a selectable “Legacy clouds” option in the graphics setting. The legacy clouds are not generated on the server - they’re purely local, and even if there is a server dependency for live weather, graying out the “Live Weather” option when legacy clouds are enabled is trivial.


What’s extra disappointing is that the tutorials don’t work - as they have clouds preset. I’m a newbie so wanted to revisit the tutorials - but no dice. They are now unusable for me, which is really very disappointing. I can’t imagine how a new user would feel if they purchased the product and ran into the problem in the tutorials