Blue Lights Mess

Since yesterday I noticed that my handcrafted airports have this blue lights all over the place. I move everything from the community folder out and nothing changed, I even deleted MSFS re install and there they are!

Does anyone else have this issue or know how to resolve it?

Oops… my bad. I had a pithy reply until I looked more closely at your photos.

There do seem to be a few “extra” blue lights

Are all (and only) handcrafted airports affected? Or just specific ones?
I guess you not only cleared the community folder but also don’t have any scenery addons installed from the marketplace which might be auto-installed even after a fresh install of the sim?

It appears to be impacting some third party addons as well as some Asobo/MS bespoke airports.

See here: Key West Airport issue since world update 3 - Third Party Addon Discussion / Scenery Packs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Where do we vote to put it somewhere high on the bug list ? :wink:

I think our best bet is here since any feedback about bugs from Asobo are quieter than a dead church mouse:

Same here, I have a lot blue lights all over the three party airports (KMIA, KATL), any thougths abuot tne solution?

This is a bug and has been noted. Please use this topic in Bugs & Issues.