BlueBird Simulations 757

Things haven’t changed much at all since April. A little.

Looking good. Beautiful VC. Feels like home!


Just posted another mini update on my FB page. Our programmer has started testing the autoland. Still some tweaks needed but coming along nicely.


Even if I´m an Airbus person, this is one of the most beautiful aircraft ever created.
Thanks a lot for your hard work.


Is the RB going to be the only engine option or will the PW variant also be included?

The 757 looks so slim and aerodynamic and cool and agile, with oversized aggressive looking turbines… Hard do describe it but it´s a “cool” looking airliner.

Most other airliners look somehow pure practical and boring and somehow bloated and slow… But not the 757. That´s a stylish airplane. These huge oversized and overpowered turbines look like a herde of horses that just want to run!


PW version will be included as well :slight_smile:


I was fortunate enough to be able to take a flight on the AA 757 from New York (KJFK) to St. Thomas USVI Cyril E King (STT) once per month for nearly 10 years when I used to travel on business in the early to mid 90’s and, I have been looking forward to recreating these flights once this Bluebird b757 Model comes out!

However, after reading this wonderful article, I am now also looking to re-create these flights as well as, I had no idea just how prominent this bird also was in the Hawaiian Islands.

Can’t wait!


For those asking about the PW version, here’s a little update. I recruited a very talented modeler to help out :slight_smile:


Will there be a cargo variant also, or only passenger?


Wow this turbine looks awesome! Catches perfect the style look and feel these things had in the eighties and nineties before the era of the oversized carbon N1 fans came.

You could develop the first Flight Sim 20 aircraft with an spinning engine core inlet compressor behind the N1 fan, and a spinning low-pressure turbine in the exhaust cone. It´s in your hands :wink:

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Absolute stunning work! Can’t wait to see first shots with a livery on it!

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Yes absolutely. :slight_smile: Cargo version will be released as a separate expansion pack.


That is great! thanks for the info. Looking forward to it!

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Hey this is so amazing that for the first time ever a 757 is created for the flight sim! I am always forgetting how cool and beautyful this Boeing is because always the 747 and 777 come in mind first.
It´s really time that the Flight Sim will finally get an awesome 757, I don´t think this airplane has been ever done before in good quality for any sim. (There is only one good 767 aircraft for P3D from Captain Sim - yes they make great planes but only for other sims!) - but FSX and FS20 never had a good 757 so far.

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There actually was a 757 created for p3d / fsx and that was the quality wings 757. Was pretty good. Also captainsim made one I believe…with slightly better systems but flight dynamics flaws.

Ah the god old Captain Sim airplanes were pure gold back in the FSX days.
No visual glitch to be found whatsoever, all systems fully functional, but I was no virtual airliner pilot back in these days to really understand if such a plane was “good and realistic” or “bad” because I only enjoyed sitting in these beautyful cockpits, seeing the rain drops on the windows, and flying these tubeliners around a little bit by hand… :smiley:

There were also very good 757 addons for flight sims other than FSX/P3D

Yes I have seen these absolute gorgeous 757 and 767 Professional add-ons for XP and thought of buying these only to finally fly a good 757. Even the cockpit looked beautyful. :slight_smile:

Is the PMDG the only real Boeing for MSFS? A 737? Really? I am drooling for a B757-200 RB-211. I guess I’ll go back to X-Plane 11 for now as I don’t fly 737’s.