Blurry Textures FS2020

You can adjust your monitors sharpness and colors. For example, I have a Sansung monitor and I have adjusted the brightness, contrast, and sharpness to my liking.
I have also calibrated my display in windows.

So basically the same thing they did in FSX?

Here are a real life photos at 30,000.

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Give you a comparison from 30,000 ft in full 4k with terrain and object sliders at 200.
here is default without any filters:

Here i added detail and colour filters using geforce experience:

can probably make this better but just done it quick for comparison.

Took bit more time this one looks a lot better:

reshared this hope the poster above doesn’t mind makes it easier to compare when switching between pics.

Should add using the filter does reduce fps by 2 to 3.
my specs are I9-9900k and RTX 2070 both overclocked.

Someone said it half-way down the thread but in FS, the resolution of ground textures drops like a rock with distance. Over 3000ft it already starts looking noticeable. So from typical airliner altitudes, everything looks like garbage. Nothing you can do. Cranking render scale and fiddling with sharpness etc. doesn’t really solve the underlying problem - it’s just trying to mask it.

Well the higher render scale gives a better resolution and if you play in 4k then it is alot sharper and clearer even without using the filters looks fine in my screenshot to me.

I was wondering if you could tell me you’re preset for your detail and colour filters, I would like to see if it could make a difference for me.

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Certainly so I selected the colour and the details filters:
tint colour: 0
tint intensity: 0
temperature: 0.5
vibrance 12.5 was on 50 but lowered it since.

sharpen: 50
clarity: 50
HDR toning : 0
bloom: 0

on these settings it doesn’t even look blurry from the edge of the atmosphere for me.
should add my digital vibrancy in nvidia control panel is set at 55.

Alright, will try it out thanks!

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hope it helps would love to see the results.
Can just do the detail filter without the colour one if you wish.

Color and Details Filters on, 24,000 FT


I personally like it off looks much more natural but, those changes did make it sharper.

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Well atleast it improved it for you.

This is not “blur” for performance. Instead FS2020 is limiting the maximum LOD it is loading based on the distance to the tile and the relative tile size on the screen. Unfortunately it is also distributing the various LOD rings ranges too close to the aircraft.

It is therefore not blur and I’d suggest you review the following information (and vote):
LOD Problems - Distances revisited - Bugs & Issues / Scenery - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

This table is showing at 600m from the texture, you’re already using a texture resolution which is 64 times smaller than below 75m… imagine at 30000ft…

Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that. Can texture draw distance be improved?

Yes with the Terrain LOD slider only, or in voting massively to the aforementioned link, and hope this won’t pass under their radar.

You might want to read this as well:
LOD: settings and suggestions

I’ve been getting really blurry and bad textures with the scenery graphics since the latest world update, usually they aren’t as bad until I reach cruising altitude but this time they are getting blurry above 3000 ft and it seems like the scenery is causing FPS drop to 10-15 FPS (when it’s usually 35-40 FPS) every 30 seconds from it trying to load something

I wanted to make this post to highlight an ongoing issue with ground textures becoming very blurry as you ascend to higher altitudes.

Firstly, I wanted to make clear that this is not a bandwidth issue as seen in top bug #8 below

I realized that as you cross certain altitudes, the sim automatically renders a layer of blur on top of the ground textures. You can test it out for yourself in slew or drone camera by going up and down repeatedly and you’ll be able to watch the blur render in and out. In the examples below, at 20,000 feet AGL, the sim renders the ground textures clearly. However, after passing through 22,000 feet, you can immediately notice that the sim blurs out the ground textures. This is extremely distracting and noticeable especially in VR where everything is blown up in proportions. It’s hard to capture the extent of the issue in a downsized picture, but trust me inside the headset the views down below the plane while flying above 22,000 ft are horrendous. I really hope this can be addressed and fixed.


That’s exactly how it works with LOD setting. The higher you go, the more area that the sim needs to draw the textures. If you keep the same detail, your FPS will sink the higher up you go. By rendering the texture to a lower resolution the higher you go, the total asset that needs to be rendered remains generally the same, so your GPU won’t operate at a higher load.

Play around with your texture resolution, synthesis and Terrain LOD slider. The higher the setting, the higher the texture quality even if you climb to a higher altitude.

go to “terrain level of detail” in graphic settings and crank the slider up to 200. also be aware of a massive performance hit if you do that. This setting adjusts the visual quality of all the terrain. Turning this option up will increase details on the world’s terrain but will also significantly impact performance. This setting also seems to only affect the distance at which quality is preserved: at up close this option makes no difference to terrain quality, but from a distance this an be very noticeable.