Brand New Flyer - Game Crashing to Desktop

Hi Everyone,

My son (9 years old) is an avid aviator and I purchased a new PC for to play this game. Sadly we can’t fly for more than 5 minutes without the game crashing to desktop.

No error messages, just a straight CTD.

I was reading a few topics about this on a prior patch, so I tried numerous suggestions:

1.) Delete Rolling Cache
2.) Turned off Azure
3.) Run as Admin
4.) Downloaded new Nvidia Drivers

Incredibly frustrating, anyone have any other suggestions? We seriously haven’t had one flight last longer than 5 minutes yet.


Which patch version are you on? 1.9.3?
There are few known issues you may want to try:

  • disable live traffic
    (i just set to no, not even ai traffic for now)
  • do not open vfr map in flight

PC spec would be helpful…

but if your sure you meet the requirements go to MSFS in the windows apps and run the REPAIR option it helps sometimes…

Specs are as follows:

i9-10900k 3.7
RTX 3090
32 GB Mem

It was a pretty hefty new PC (that I’ve had for only a few days)

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ok and assuming windows is updated and all the drivers are good…

Dont use Nvidia optimize game setting turn that off…

id try in game settings set too high just to get u going and then u can adjust up to ultra once it runs good…

run that repair through apps see what happens

alot of ppl are getting error thorugh bad corrupted downloads,

there also alot of people witht he same card posting configuration guides and stuff so try searching for those

Whoa, thats a top end pc which i can’t even afford. Certainly no problem running fs2020.

Thanks Guys,

I turned off Live Traffic and tried again, I actually go through about 10 minutes before it crashed (longest flight thus far)

I’m going to re-install and see if I have any luck.

Good luck guys

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There are two things that are guaranteed to CTD the game for me

  • Having Volumetric Clouds turn to ULTRA
  • Turning up the Scale dial past 150

with his pc specs those shouldnt be an issue

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Really…thats why i m havind ctd all the time…my volumetric clouds are on ultra…compared to the rest which is on medium, but i love clouds…lol…so, if i turn them to high, will it help you think ?

I re-installed everything this morning, I left the settings menu on while I was looking up other’s 3090 setups and the game still CTD. I don’t know WTH is going on, but right now I have a brand new gaming rig that was purchased specifically for this game that will not fly.

Is my only hope waiting for the patch next week?

In case you have not then make a zendesk post and tell your trouble. With a little luck they will help you. - Hope you find a solution soon, i would be so frustrated…

If you have a over clock on your video card turn it off

Googling showed up some interesting news on RTX30NN cards.
One of the news site on unstable RTX30NN cards:

Looks like you got a brand new graphics card that is not so ‘matured’ running a not so ‘matured’ game…which is probably causing your headaches. I have seen articles suggesting under-clocking (or limit the max clock) on the ‘beast’ RTX30NN to prevent it from going ‘wild’ using tools like MSI afterburner. Hope this help your immediate migraine.

I wish you were my dad when I was 9.

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Geez, I set the settings to “high” and still crashes, in some areas (Sedona) it crashes before takeoff. In the GPU overlay I’m not seeing anything that would think its the Vid Card crashing, the VRAM stays well below Max, FPS stays around 60.

ummmm… I dunno… try running the repair option… IS your power supply adequate ?

New update in 3 days maybe that will solve your issue…

I uninstalled and re-installed it, wouldn’t that “repair it” or is repairing better? Just now I got a BSOD for the very first time. The hard part is with all the bugs in MS2020 its hard to tell if its the hardware or the software.