Broken XBOX Controller - Rudder

Asobo, can you provide any information on when, if you plan on fixing this issue?


As a decent HOTAS setup is impossible to buy right now, I’m also using an XBOX Controller and rudder issue is a real pain. It was introduced as a bug after the release so I’m hoping it is a fast fix.


Many people were reporting this bug, then they put it on the known issues list September 2nd, but haven’t touched it for the last 3 updates.

I figured adding it to “known issues” meant they were working on it. Two months later, maybe not.


It’s pretty amazing this hasn’t been fixed.

It is pretty much impossible to take off in a medium cross wind without analog rudder control.


Can’t be a difficult thing to fix. Rudder control was analog in the early alpha. Seems like they want to sell more peripherals (ie, rudder pedals) The amount they don’t care shows in the lack of communication. Problem has been mentioned since launch. They’re lucky this is on Game Pass or I wouldn’t waste a dime on it. Like @FlyinJPetrol said, takeoffs pretty much impossible without assist. I want to fly realistically as I can without dropping $400 on a yoke and rudder pedal setup.


Having the same issue with PS4 controller (mapped as Xbox controller) since launch.

Can we finally get a fix please or at least acknowledgement as known issue!

It’s been acknowledged for a long time. Why they can’t get an Xbox controller to work with an Xbox game is beyond me. If Asobo is having great difficulty I hope they reach out to someone at Microsoft that can help!


It’s really one of the most painfull issue of MSFS at the moment, and it’s been like that since the begining of Alpha, so as the others here, I don’t get why it’s that much difficult to fix this, should be a minor thing. Never had this issue on any flight sim with the xbox controller, for example, in x-plane11 you can add sensitivity curves to pretty much everything. I’ve even got a rally sim that propose by default to change the input sensitivity in many level for every touch of the xbox gamepad…So why don’t we have this issue fixed since the many months it has been reported!!!
It makes taxying almost not possible for most of the GA aircrafts, and I’m not even talking about the landing and take off wich always sounds like a drunk pilot hoperating the aircraft because each time you give a slight imput to the rudder, the aircraft react like it’s a massive push on the rudder…
So this is a very important issue as it just ruins the experience in two of the most important phases of the flight : Taking off and Landing…

Please! Do something about this! I was really thinking this update would solve that, but NO! Maybe there is not enought people to report that!

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They will never solve this. Apparentely we are few users with THEIR controller.

I have raised a ticket about this bug in zendesk, I think if everyone who experience this does this, it will probably pass on top priority of the known issues!

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Well, if they are expecting to release MSFS on xbox, they must think seriously about it…

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There’s no joy in hand flying any aircraft with an Xbox controller right now. It just doesn’t make sense.

They have acknowledged it and are working on it. Final item here:

Yes, it has been on that list through at least three patch cycles. I have put several zendesk items in, which are then marked as ‘solved’, yet in the subsequent patch it remains broken. It also fails to show up on any of the dev update bug, or wishlist items. ‘I miss trains!’ seems to get more love than the broken XBox controller.

That’s what led to the question. They do seem to pay some attention to the forum items, so hopefully it will generate some interest in a fix. I would just like to know a timeframe for a fix.

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I’m using an Xbox One controller too until my Airbus Thrustmaster Joystick finally ships (TBD).

Just to be clear, we’re all experiencing the issue of the rudder being extremely sensitive right? It also looks like the moment you begin to engage rudder, it will flutter once before it finds the right position.

The last patch just made it worst. I was able to remap the rudder on the right stick to work around the problem, but now they have removed the option to select an axis for the rudder, and the right stick does the same thing, full rudder or nothing. On top of it, the last patch resetted all controls to default, my custom setup was wipped out completly. This game is now unplayable for me, very sad.

I made a video of my Xbox controller flutter. See
Do you have the same flutter?

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Exactly. That’s exactly what happens to me too when I try to engage just a bit of rudder. It seems like the minimum amount you can engage it with an Xbox controller is around 50%.

Is there any way that I can upvote this thread? This is REALLY annoying and it shouldn’t be so difficult to solve.

As someone said, they’ll have to solve this eventually as they plan an XBOX release so I can’t see why they will just delay such fix for so long.


I was lucky enough to buy a Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4 from a coworker. Ask around, someone might one lying around that they are not using.

It is so much better experience than an XBOX controller.

Even a cheap stick like a MS FF would be way better than a controller.

Edit: You need to turn on rudder assist and trim/pitch assist on xbox controller too, to make it bearable.

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