I’d be curious to hear from fellow Brunner yoke owners about their setups. The CLS2Sim software is highly configurable, but a bit obtuse and the documentation is dated (mostly references FSX, not MSFS).

What type of plane are you flying (GA/Tubliner)?
Are you using Hardware Trim or Software Trim?
Trimming with the yoke buttons or an external wheel (e.g., Honeycomb Bravo)?
How is your yoke getting on with an Autopilot?

I really enjoy the effects (gravity, prop wash, turbulence, ground roll, etc.). Really makes the plane come alive!

I have both the Brunner CLS-E Yoke and rudder pedals. They work great for me in MSFS2020 however i do have one big complaint…

While the yoke and pedals work perfectly in FS2020, the training lessons are absolutely unusable. I would like to be able to have people new to my simulator/flying to work through the training lessons, however when it prompts to do things like “put this line on the horizon” the lesson fails to capture that it has been done (maybe due to the non-standard “centered” yoke position due the the flight forces.

I wish Microsoft would fix this… it would make it so much easier to get new people some basic sim flight training without having to hand hold them through similar lessons. Please please Microsoft/Brunner, fix this. :slight_smile:

I’d give it a 0.0001% chance :wink:

yeah… logged a bug here: Flight Training/Basic Handling/Attitude(Pitch) lesson fails to detect requested flight attitudes changes when using Brunner CLS-E control loading yoke

Well…thanks for saving me some time and aggravation! I was just thinking about going back and retaking all of those lessons to see if they’re easier/better with a FF yoke.

So the odds of it getting fixed are greater than zero! Excellent news! :joy:

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Oh, bummer. Typo! I missed the negative sign in front, sorry. I mean -0.0001 :slight_smile:

Yeah its a bummer. Flying with the Brunner yoke feels SO MUCH more realistic. I think it’s great to teach people about trimming as you can actually feel the flight forces get trimmed off like the real thing.

The only way i am able to pass those lessons is to just search around for the pitch that the lesson is looking for. They seems to not look for the line on the horizon, but something else like yoke offset from neutral or something (assuming).

Hopefully that .0001% chance comes though! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want natural trimming and you can’t afford real FFB yoke you may consider this 50 euro Honeycomb Alpha yoke mod:

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to CLS owners, i am considering to buy one (probably the NG) but i would like to know if it is possible to assemble it upside down bellow the desk ? (and of course the yoke too)
thank you for your feedback !

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Likewise I would also like to know

I highly doubt it. There appear to be hard stops at the end of each rotational travel. Why not just mount it under your desk, but right-side up?

oh ok. but if rotation is 180° it could work if you can reverse axle in the soft. Is it possible ?
well, the NG has an inclined surface that would give some space for my knees…

Best to ask the Brunner folks, but I don’t think so. It’s not like an Apple Watch that you can flip left/right/up/down and tell the software and it gets the orientation right. Powered off, I feel hard stops at 180º in either direction. Those would be right at level flight if inverted.

I have placed my Brunner Yoke below my desk surface. I had at least 2 methods to do so. One is to use screws long enough so thy get nto a nut I place on the top o my desk. The second choice I took i to place the yoke on a board that I can insert it in a nut on 2 vertical boards screwed under the desk.

did you install it upside down ?