[BUG LOGGED] Airport History not updating on world map

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I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but my History, on the globe screen NEVER updates, it always shows the same 3 airports, 1 I have have never even visited. Is the history supposed to keep tabs on the last 3 airports you spawned at?

Many thanks, Chris


Same for me.
With such behavior, this history is no use.


I am still getting the same 3 airports in my recently visited on the world map page (2, I have never even been to!) Could this be fixed please, and at the same time, can we increase the number of entries from the current 3 to at least 6

Many thanks!


Apart from the history of 3 being too short, why doesn’t the last destination appear in the history of departures as well? So we continue our flight?
What I fail to understand is how devs don’t see a problem in months when a normal user will spot it in a few seconds.


I don’t see anything wrong here. It’s a search history. Why should it do something else? It also shows me all the Airports I recently search for.

While I agree a list of Airports I’ve been to would make things better I also think a search history is what it is.

It dosn’t even work as a search history on my version, for example I searched for WAHH airport, went to WAHH airport for about 10 mins, cruising around on he ground, then shut down the sim. Restarted it to the main menu, clicked on Departure window, expecting to see WAHH airport at the top of the list of 3, but still the same 3 airports listed. YMML, YSSY and EIDL (and I havn’t even been (or searched for) YMML or EIDL) I don’t use the search function as I know the code of the airport or the name anyway. It’s broken!

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Works for me only if I exit the sim via the main menu and the quit to desktop option.
If I simply closes MSFS after a flight, the sim doesn’t remember the airport where I left MSFS.

No one said it should do something else… just longer and “wider” history is the recommendation.
But agreed, minor.

this exactly

I have the same issue. The same 3 airports from long ago show in the history. It never updates, even if I properly exit the program as suggested.


I installed FS on a new computer and since then, my airport history has never updated. Additionally, my logbook stopped updating at the same time. I’m not sure these stopped updating at exactly the same time I changed machines, but they might be related.

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Same issue here with airport history never updating. Just noticed it happening after the most recent big MSFS update. It was working before that. Logbook seems to update OK though.

Most of my flights are not recorded. I just did a one and a half hour flight and at the end it shows me the log book and it only shows the last flight yesterday, not the one I just did.

This happens very frequently. In other cases it does not correctly count takeoff, landing or both at the same time.

On another flight I did the day before yesterday, the logbook showed me that I had taken off from the home airport and ended the flight a few miles away, when it was a full 300 mile flight.

I can only keep good track using Volanta.


History stopped working after a reinstall due to problems with SU5. Is now stuck on the same 3 airports forever.

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Can confirm.

Also the settings in the worldmap are not saved (filters).

We had this issue month’ ago, but it returned again.
And no, dev mode is not enabled (and I do not understand why in dev mode the history also does/should not work)


Anyone know where history is saved ? is it a registry entry ?

Having the history stuck would be a bit more tolerable if you could choose which three it gets stuck on.


I have the very same issue - departure airport history is always KSEZ, EGGD and KORD. I have at least departed from these, albeit a long long time ago, which is more than can be said for the 3 listed in my arrival airport history - none of which I’ve ever flew to. It doesn’t stop me planning flights, it’s just disappointing that the history feature doesn’t work. And compared to the huge issues with update 5 I suspect it’ll be quite a long wait for Asobo to get around to fixing this.

My airport history is broken as well.

Same for me.

Yep same for me too.