[BUG LOGGED] Multiplayer Stuttering after world update - Liveries Bug report

People say that turning off multiplayer helps. How do I turn off multiplayer? Thanks!

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Multiplayer issues kill sim experience…

For a game that we paid more than 100 euro, and without counting the price of the computer to make it work more or less correctly, it is shameful…


can absolutely reproduce and its fkin annoying, i rly like to fly but the world withour some other players just feel empty and it takes away the fun for me.

Here a video of the problem

Hi @Jummivana ,

The issue is not server or aircraft related. We did thorough testing with a group of 20+ planes (different plane types, modded & not modded, different servers), and it was clearly a livery issue.

  • If someone flies with a custom livery that others flying the same plane don’t have, it will cause predictable, periodic stutters, which is in sync on everybody’s screen.

  • We tested it with modded and default planes as well, and it was consistently the livery.

  • If someone is flying with a custom livery but a different plane than the others, the stuttering is almost not present. There’s SOME performance drop, but not user experience braking.

  • In our group flight of 20+ people with at least 3 different plane types, everybody using default liveries, we had a smooth experience.

  • When someone appeared in our vicinity with a custom livery, everybody who was in the same type of plane but did not have the livery experienced massive stutters.

  • When we changed servers without the custom livery plane, everything went back to normal.

  • If somebody had a custom aircraft that others did not have (e.g. the helicopter), it did not cause stutters even if they had custom livery on their custom aircraft.


Thank you for sharing!

One more reason to supporting :
Multiplayer: display other players actual aircraft 3D models and liveries around you

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Server Location: North Europe

Type of Aircraft you are flying: MB-339

How many aircraft/people you were flying with: 9 or more

Specific location/airport? Barrow Airport

Were you yourself using a mod or custom livery or anyone in your group?
I used a default livery of the MB-339, but other players used custom liveries I don’t have installed. Some players also used third-party aircrafts I don’t own.
Multiplayer was on, use generic liveries for multiplayer was set to “No”.
When flying far away from the group everthing was fine and smooth. But as soon I came close (flashlights visible), the stuttering started.

Hello everyone! Thank you for all your feedback on this.
The team is aware of this and has been added to our backlog.



“Backlog” that means there will not be a solution soon ??

Thanks mate :wink:

Backlog is where ALL issues go before they get assigned to a release.
It has nothing to say about when it will be fixed.

I hope they know how critical this bug is since they do Community fly-ins themselves and simtom usually has a custom livery. So the next time we’ll have one, it will cause issues for all participants.

For me this requires a hotfix since it even happens with default liveries if someone did not download the free liveries from the marketplace that others use. So it’s not a third party issue alone and multiplayer is an integral part of MSFS.

Edit: Sad to see there will be an update today but it doesn’t contain a fix for this issue despite it being reported for some time already… :frowning:


I think today is more for AIRAC. The good news is that the team know about it and they will get it sorted. Its seems to be from custom liveries - this issue back a few months ago used to cause CTD’s when group flying and streaming. The only solution then was to use generic models and no custom liveries.


I suspect the Alpha tester livery would also cause the issue. If you don’t have it, it will cause the issue to occur. The source of the livery probably doesn’t matter. Seems like the perfect way to disrupt a perfectly good livestream. We all know there are people out there that will do this.


maybe it would be time to fix the bugs instead of pushing them into the backlog and introducing new ones with every update.
for me MSFS is no longer usable since the last update.
is funny when there is a problem in the marketplace that is immediately fixed

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You might think those fixes are easier to implement, wouldn’t you?

no but it is a question of economic efficiency

but maybe your suggestion is not so bad that the affected participate in a livestream

Why would you intentionally want that?

I do not do group flights
maybe you should change your post a little bit

Right, got it. It doesn’t affect you in that case.