[BUG LOGGED] My Way Achievement does not unlock

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Brief description of the issue:
Completing the steps for the My Way achievement for 300+ miles with no assists will not unlock.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Myself and several others on Trueachievements.com have completed the steps to unlock the achievement and it will not unlock. Nobody on the site has unlocked it since before the SU5 udpate.

My Way achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator (trueachievements.com)

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On Xbox Series X

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Yes. #115914

I would also like to add that i have tried both on the PC and xbox.

I believe this has something to do with the routes for Taxi to parking, and the settings for the AI autopilot.

I am unable to turn off the AI ATC communication slider when I turn on the AI autopilot. Just a hunch

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I am having the exact same issue on Xbox, it seems like the old method of using AI Pilot will not work anymore since it is now tied to AI ATC which changes the assistance settings.


Some of the players on TA are doing this manually without AI flying and it still will not unlock.


I’ve been trying to unlock this for about 4ish days now. Have tried many different ways to get it to pop. Nothing will work


I have probably tried 20+ times, to add to the convo, i have tried the following:

with auto pilot
without autopilot
with Flight Director
without Flight Director
starting point KCOS, no destination, and manual entry of the flight plan on TBM 930 once in cockpit
I have also tried without switching to external camera, staying in cockpit view the whole flight
with and without editing the navlog to adjust the flight ceiling
with and without live traffic and weather
with and without the chcklist (leaving all windows as is, not minimizing)

all to no avail. Im definitely getting to the correct parking spot, i see the ramp marshal (without his light sticks) and get guided in, and get the stop sign

hopefully the issue is fixed soon!


Achievements and the Pilot profile have been janky as long as I can remember. (I installed in December 2020)
It honestly just feels random, the descriptions are vague/unhelpful and some stuff just doesn’t get logged for reasons that are never clear.

Perhaps if many more players were to open support tickets with zendesk asking for better documentation and fixes etc at some point it may get looked at.


While trying to get this achievement, I completed Jack of All Planes (fly every plane in base game 300 miles) and numerous flights with different departure/destination airports (also got SIDs and STARs while attempting this), including airstrips which others mention they used to get the achievement (often with AI Pilot).
IFR, VFR, different weather, all from cold and dark to the ground crew signaling to turn off the engine when in position at the parking spot.
There’s definitely an issue here (the achievement is extremely unreliable at the very least).


ALL the achievements AND what/how things are logged to profile (rather than logbook) are extremely unreliable, to the point that completion of one often feels almost random.

Jack of all Planes was a particular pig for me.

None of this is documented very well either.

I have a feeling though that a landing may not get counted into the profile if it doesn’t meet certain criteria. (Even though it gets logged in logbook)
Possibly exceeding max crosswind for aircraft type, maybe too heavy landing?

I feel your frustration though. It’s not very well put together.


Yeah I have been trying all day and cannot get this thing to unlock.

Do we know if achievements that say “with no assistance” means the entire assistance list or just the piloting section? I know I have unlocked things that say no assistance with some of the stuff in area’s other then pilot on. I’ve always had pilot on true to life (hard). But hit or miss with waypoints and taxi ribbon lol.

Do we know if using the sim speed up command disables trophies? I know I used it for the Asobo to MS one.

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I got MSFS on day one one PC. The 3rd day I completed the My way requirements.

it unlocked on world update 5 for me. After close to 400 hours then and 15 plus checks for that achievement.

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it has to be set to 100% realism.

Guys a player on xbox unlocked this achievement yesterday. I’ve messaged him privately asking how and what steps he took to unlock it.

So seems the achievement is not impossible to unlock.

Link to his profile for proof of unlock:https://account.xbox.com/en-ie/profile?gamertag=chris%20b4con&activetab=main:mainTab3

Also if you pop over to TA you will see on the achievement page also that he was the last to unlock it.
If and when I hear back from the guy i’ll post his steps.

As of writing this post another player on TA unlocked it, they posted a comment on it but alas didn’t say how it was done.

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Do you have Discord or any sort of messaging service like Reddit chat? I have questions lol

I have always have mine set to true to life in assistance, am I missing something else?

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Please let us know if you get a response!


I will indeed my friend :slight_smile:

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Do you have discord or reddit chat?

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If you’re asking me, yep I have Reddit.
Username is BraveStoner1

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Thanks, sent you a chat.


No luck for me unlocking this either. One of the users on TrueAchievements who has unlocked it posted, but even they do not understand what exactly they did to unlock it.

Looking forward to anyone that can share the precise settings/conditions to unlock this.

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