[BUG LOGGED] Sim intermittently freezes with Reverb G2 since last hotfix

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Microsoft store

Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting.
Yes, many, but even without addons the behaviour is the same

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

Brief description of the issue:
Since las hotfix my Reverb G2 ocassionally blackout whilst the sim freezes, then after a few seconds returns. Also there are missing frames after turning your head that werent there before. If you remove your headset during the blackout you can see the image froozen. Nothing has changed on my side. I also tried with SteamVr and the behaviour is the same (no blackouts as SteamVr has a different way on showing app freezes) and you can still move your headset but msfs is frozen. I opened XP11 and works without a problem so defo is something related to the new hotfix. In the VR forum there are other G2 users reporting this.

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Its VR, is a blackout that stays between 3 to 20 seconds.

More details here: Frequent VR freezes and screen blackouts - #24 by markymarksti

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
I just enable VR and after a few minutes the blackouts appear. Ig i switch back to the Monitor view there are no blackouts, only in VR.

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)
I7 10900k
128gb ram ddr4
M2 drive
2080TI 457.30 drivers
Latest openxr and wmr
Reverb G2

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
Last hotfix where the rendering cache was enabled in VR, I think is *.19 version.

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?

Also look at this post where crashes with the HP Reverb were reported as fixed: MSFS 2020 Crash in VR - HP Reverb G2 - #338 by Speler596679479

Thanks, but in my case is not CTD, just the sim freezing and then coming back. I have never had any issues with my G2, not single CTD since the first VR version of MSFS was released. I try not to change anything on my MSFS machine to avoid introducing new issues with drivers. This suddenly appeared on the latest hotfix.

I’m getting it too. Freezing blackouts, ctd and jumping images or vibrating images when turning my head. I’ve tweaked everything to no avail. I find disabling open xr preview helps stabilize view a bit and prevents ctd’s, but it’s then not the latest update, which many profess to be an incredibly smooth experience.
At this point, my Q2 is much smoother performance.

I have issue exactly as you describe

Just out of curiosity: do you see any errors in the logs?

Same issue here aswell as described by the threadauthor.

RTX 3080Ti
2x16 GB Corsair Vengance 3200 DDR4
Win 10 Ultimate
Ryzen 7 5800X
X570 Gigabyte Board.

OOh, this issue is growing and it is actually re-assuring to know we are not alone.
One thing that has come to light in the VRFlightSimGuy discord group is that those of us on the MS-Store version of MSFS 2020 are experiencing this phenomenon but, so far, those on the Steam VR version say they are not. Can you guys confirm which version you are on to see if we can narrow this down a bit more?

Microsoft, I hope you are reading this because if it is only the MS-Store version then there is something going wrong with the windows mixed reality portal / MSFS 2020 connection.

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Using the ms store Version aswell. Happens with and without addons in the community folder.

To add to my first post. As far as I can remember I havent had these issues with m previous 2080ti. That could be a coincidence or this issue is related with the rtx3000 series.

For me the issue is somewhat reproduceable when I approach an airport and the ground vehicles are loaded and visible and the New ground textures are loaded in. But sometimes it just happens randomly.

It feels like some loading process is wrecking the game. Is there a way to see if sth. Is logged? Or what causes these freezes?

Add to that that I sometimes have to freezes in pancake Mode aswell but a lot less severe and shorter.

Newest Nvidia drivers did not fix the issue either.

GPU Temps, Hotspots etc. Are all Well in their Limits.

Yup that sounds about right. It does seem to be a loading issue when approaching airports or transiting scenery areas. But as you say sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason. It even happens when you are sitting stationary on the ground and doing nothing at all. I do notice especially in the A320 NX it also causes the speed brake to be re-set with a clunk and also does strange stuff in the MkIX Spit. Like you say HWinfo64 reports no adverse reading on anything. It must be software related and Asobo need to address it urgently as it seems to be all Microsoft related if the Steam version does not experience it.

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Do you have another GPU on hand that is not an RTX30XX series card to see if it happens with another card or not? Just an idea. Or do you know of others with non rtx 30 series cars that have the same issues.

EDIT: I think it might be a RAM related issue. For whatever reason my XMP profile got shot out of the settings in the BIOS. I reactivated the XMP profile for my RAM and now the freezes still happen but A LOT less long and heavy. Something still is not right but I will run a memtest over night. @markymarksti I saw you use the Corsair Vengance LPX 3200 RAM aswell. Maybe @OSalvadorO uses it aswell? Maybe this is the cause of our issues?

EDIT 2: I ran the desktop version of MEMTEST and had no issues over night. I will run another Memtest86 run the coming night. If there are no errors again, I can rule out it being a RAM issue. Fun fact I had freezes in BF4 aswell the other day. Something sure is odd. Do you guys use rBAR on?

Don’t think it’s a memory issue. I too have run all the tests and all passed with no issues.
If there were memory issues they would also show up in other programs.

Resizable Bar is - On.

Still pretty sure its a software issue somehow and still to hear from any steam users experiencing the same issue.


I personally think that it is some sort of issue when vram usage is very high. But you have a 3090 so that should not be an issue there.

Any other ideas?

Again could be but I can’t help thinking that this Steam vs. MS-store version may be significant.

Bios Update, Windows 11 upgrade, CPU boost All Cores…much better.
So far only 3 small blackouts approaching Heathrow but to be expected as it is one of the most resource hungry areas.

Float plane trip around Mauritius for 1 hour only 1 small partial blackout.

Will test further.

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On reflection after further testing at various locations…No Change :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

Update from my side. Same issue also happen in pancake mode.

What helped me A LOT was to manually set “OffscreenTerrainPreCaching” to 0 in the usercfg file. If I have freezes in VR now they are A LOT shorter and I can (for now) continue flying after just 1 to 3 seconds.

I have the feeling this might be a driverissue from NV or some sort of VRAM allocation problem or loading problem. The heaviest black screens happen when I am on the final approach to any airport. GPUZ shows me that my GPU usage is dropping from 99% to 0%, while VRAM used doesnt change at all. As soon as the freeze stops the GPU jumps back to 99% usage.

I get this on almost every flight with my G2, usually early into it, first 5 mins, and always only once. The duration of the freeze varies between 5 seconds and 60 or so.

I use the steam edition of FS, so it happens there too.

Core i7-6700k
3090 w/latest drivers
64 gb of ram (xmp)

I have a replacement v2 cable on order from HP Canada, but have been waiting weeks for it now, no idea when it will arrive. Hoping that fixes it.

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One thing I observed is that the more I reduce the amount of workers, planes on ground and vehicles on ground on airports and deactive grass and bushes I get a lot less harsh and heavy freezes.

I really think it has to do sth with streaming/loading new gfxdata into the picture which causes the mayhem

Bang goes the Steam VR theory.

I think you are right about airport activity but it also happens at 37,000 feet when nothing has changed!

Hopefully, eventually, ASOBO will find a way to optimise the VR part of the SIM to utilise the available resources we have to produce a more efficient and smooth running system.

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