Bugs as Features

Flying one of the new helicopters, nice and low, making my way through the trees in VR having a great time (VR actually works now). But Asobo, the masters of 1 step forward 10 steps back, decided to flash the “lost connection” dialog in my face which completely disables the ability to control the aircraft, so I smashed into the ground. Fun over, turned it off because who has the time for that nonsense.

Let’s leave aside the fact that Microsoft is a leading cloud provider with Azure and can’t keep this game connected for more than 5 minutes at a time lately, and focus on the developers who, despite being asked by many people for months to get rid of this pointless dialogue, persist in “warning” us that the server connection is gone and to “please refer to this forum for help”. Asobo have been asked repeatedly to just run it as a notification, you know the little thing in the corner that you respond to with ¯_(ツ)_/¯ but to no avail.

Well here I am, referring to this forum for help. I don’t need your help of course because the information from the dialog is self explanatory so once again ¯_(ツ)_/¯. What is the point of all the fancy updates with physics and wind and weather if, upon approach to a runway, the system pops a dialogue that make you crash into the ground because you can’t dismiss it fast enough. I had five in a row flying some old prop plane from the update earlier today. It’s atrocious useability and terrible design, just delete the code that triggers it. No meeting, no whiteboard, no coding, just get rid of it, would you please.


Hello @anon8513871

Thank you for your feedback. From November 11th and ongoing, there have been server issues reported by the community linked here: Online Services Unreachable 11/11/2022+. And, it has been noted on the Online Services post as well: Online Services Monitoring.

There is a wishlist topic open for you to contribute to for removing the Connection Lost message: Too intrusive "Connection lost" message.