Camera ctd 1.9.3

I have a strange CTD with the camera. The camera began to move to the default position, as if the smartcam had been activated. 10 seconds later clash.

EDIT: this is a workaround. some time work sometime don’t. deactivate the navigation aids except taxi aid, you can activate it. set smartcam mode to manual. watch the video.

EDIT V2: deactivate the multiplayer traffic.
EDIT V3: the next patch will fix the camera bug on october 13th. don’t get too excited.

Same. I keep smarting camming to random stuff. Then CTD


Same to you, but not CDT.

Can confirm this behavior on more than one occasion. Smart Camera self activates attempts to regain camera control results in Crash to Desktop.


Same here. Sometimes camera center itself, view cannot be changed and in few seconds CTD.

Same here, but sometimes not CTD.
Also noticed that the left mouse button starts to act like a “zoom button” by itself whenever I use it to pan the camera around


Guys try to fly without any traffic (NPC or Players). Looks like as workaround for me.

Same issue for me

Ok, i’ll try. Thank you.

So, week after week, the solution is to disable everything in the game so we can play without a CTD ?
Pffffff… :rage:


Been having this issue too, cant finish a flight.

No CTD but my camera is going crazy as well. Switch to instruments, zoom, look outside, etc, on its own. Tried a few camera settings but no luck sofar :frowning:


This has happened to me too in each of the 3-4 flights I’ve tried so far…feel like I should start putting on my clown makeup so I can try again to see if it works…

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If you find any solution be sure to post it! Thanks! :smiley:

Well i couldn’t find any. I changed the camera settings but it didn’t seem to matter. Shut down MSFS2020, restarted it and now the camera is working normally again. Hopefully it stays that way.

Another confirmation. Happened to me twice in the last hour. CTD not long after the camera starts going crazy.

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same issue here too

Camera is totally and completely broken. All flights start with camera inside the wire frame, attempt to reset to default positions and CTD.

Happened to me also. I thought my joystick got problem at first. Thanks to this post it is not my problem but the game’s problem.

I was about to land and my camera just flipped around and looked behind me in the cockpit and i could not flip it back it would snap straight back to looking backwards. That was bad.

Had exactly that. On approach it kept focussing on the runway, then ctd. Never had that before this patch.