Can anyone please explain to me what this error message means? Screenshot enclosed

I have Windows 11 with the 22H2 Version… I have not had this message before…
Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA
I first get that message when I just start the sim

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That error message is suspicious. Note the typo “incompatibity” and the error message text is of a different font than the dialog box - like someone pasted an image file into it. Just wondering…

Here’s an older thread - might help?

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Ok thanks for the link…

Have you joined “Windows Gaming” via the Xbox Insider app?

If so, exit from that insider then restart your PC. Then check for updates in the MS Store.

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Looks Legit to me … as it said , it is trying to start an incompatible program when MSFS is running… maybe an addon of some type ?

I was sure I could get MSFS to produce that erro, when I ran a Memory mapping program, but now (since SU11 beta), it does not error out.

Strange … OH well… now I can look at Virtual Memory !!

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Hi Hester, I think I did, not thinking about it…