Can we get official comment regarding a hotfix?

How is this post not enough of a proof?

Because none of these pics are side by side, like for like pre v post of the base sim - they are comparing the versions with/without the mod. Not saying that’s not a valid comparison, but all I am wondering is, for those not using the mod, what does the difference pre/post the last patch look like?

EDIT: and even these comparisons with the mod aren’t great given they are not using the same lighting/weather

That alone disqualifies your comment then doesn’t it. I mean if you haven’t even read the threads on the issues.

What an attitude, if the sim runs okay for you then the issues everyone else is having are a figment of their imagination because you haven’t bothered any of the threads on it.

You are a mod, you should know better.
But I’m sick to death of people posting that they are not having issues therefore the issues other people are having are not important.
And the idea that it is driver issues or hardware issues may or may not have validity but the point is it is WU3 and the latest sim update that have caused these issues that did not exist for the same users before.

Stating you personally do not have the same issues or have not replicated the same bug does not help fix them or magic them away.
Please stop and if you can’t then at least check the forums to see how prevalent an issue might be on the discussion therein before throwing in your “I’m alright Jack” two cents.

Even in the hardware world where each product comes off the production line the same issues and failures almost always only affect some people otherwise the production process would have been stopped.
The fact that it wasn’t and not everyone’s “Sleep easy” fire alarm silently caught fire doesn’t mean that people who say, “Hey I have no issues with mine so there is no problem, sleep well” should be listened to…


Not much, those who were satisfied with default scenery can still enjoy the same barren landscapes as before.

For those wanting the original tree distance back there were mods, those mods no longer work properly as Asobo removed the ability to change it without having to increase terrain LOD beyond 200.

The tree LOD isn’t important and not game breaking at all. Definitely an issue that can be fixed within the regular update schedule. The important things are the FPS issues, because they are game breaking and people cannot play properly because of this issue. No one cares about the tree draw distance, if you can not even get there to see any trees.


OK, so time to dust off this post:

Been a while since I looked at this (this was originally back in September). When I get time tonight, I’ll add in what these look like today with/without the mod, and see how we think the sim visuals have changed since back then.

EDIT: It would also have helped if the OP had noted the issue as “Tree LOD mod no longer working” as that actually seems to be the real issue

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You can’t be serious with this attitude. When Trees LOD is not important for You, it does NOT mean it is not important for other players. You are not community spokesperson.

For me and thousand other players Trees LOD is game breaking.

In real life I do not read books for example, and I can not imagine going into public meeting and yelling “We need to destroy local library, because I do not read books, I do not care about others”…


So, I can switch your argument and say the exact same thing. It is one simple thing:

  1. Tree LOD: Visual Bug
  2. FPS issue: Gameplay Bug

If your gameplay doesn’t work, you can’t benefit the visuals. If a visual doesn’t work, you can still play the game. Your definition of “game breaking” is kind of strange.


Please discuss things, not people


You know the attitude we always run into. A problem that isn’t my problem isn’t a problem at all for anyone else lol.


I agree with the post . I would like to see some clarity on this issue . While some may not have a good experience others do . This FPS issue is a pretty big problem. Needs to be addressed ASAP.


This is OP. Please stick to the topic so this thread isn’t closed. Thanks


Yeah, let’s not get waylaid from the reason we’re all here; to get an official comment about a hotfix.


Okay, I think the LOD issue, you can somehow live with it until the next update but the performance issue that many of us see here, that really needs a hotfix update!


As i took some of the screens I can clearly say, that it is hard to compare between the updates as we have no chance on rolling back to one older version, even if we could there are still changes ongoing serverside, which can change the visual experience.

Best practice would be to take sceenshots on every version for every eventuality that could happen in your mind. But weather and lighting should not have an impact on how far trees are drawn in the engine. Its clear that if you zoom in that the sim does not allow to draw trees any further anymore, its undependant of how you change the .xmls settings.

The standard LOD on objects has not degraded in this patch, I stated something like that in another topic. The standard LOD on trees and objects is fairly low at this point, using LOD200 will give you trees in an about 2.5nm range ring.
The mod allowed users to extend the LOD of trees to about 10nm before sim update 3, with now a maximum of about 5nm is possible. These are just estimates, you can fairly easily replicate them in GMAPS.

Conclusion for me was, that the Trees won’t be called as long a certain LD of the ground layer is not matched. This was clearly a change in the sims code, but it is still not affecting your standard settings, as you can still extend the distance of the trees by raising the global LOD to 300/400 or whatever you are fancy. My question is why they did that, as the trees have almost no footprint on the performance.

+Edit: Still the performance thing is more important, I’m suffering the nervous breakdowns of the sim to 10/15 fps as well. Dunno why people getting mad at eachother here now… things still should be productive if we want solutions :wink:

My sim is now officially rendered useless. A significant drop in fps a few minutes after flying is unacceptable and irresponsible. I am seriously considering dropping my support for this sim. I’ve spent a lot of money on add-ons and I’m questioning whether I made the right choice. A sim that at first signified pleasure is now agonizing. From the reduction in LOD, to damaging coastlines, to removing watermasks, to broken APs, to now unacceptable performance. I’m livid because I can no longer use my investment.


Perhaps not game breaking, but it’s very immersion breaking and looks awful in VR where immersion is absolutely key. So I’d argue yes it is important, just like the terrain spikes that we suffered for weeks, just like the poor POI lods that we’ve suffered for months, all immersion breaking in their own way.

A realistic aviation simulator is, after all, striving for immersion, these issues need fixing and sooner rather than later.

Hello there. As some of you mentioned and pointed to Jorg said that we are thinking of the possibility of a hotfix. I do not know the status nor the decision around but will reach out to Jorg and the team and will respond once I can/know more details. Thanks for the input here.