Can we have some proper communication regarding the "Hotfix" please?

It’s now 4 weeks since VR and TrackIR users got screwed over by SU7, whilst the Mouse in VR bug was partially fixed the TrackIR bug is fully fixed in the Beta. But not for those that don’t want to be a part of it (for reasons), we still wait for what should’ve been prioritised as a “Hotfix” for those Game Braking Issues alone but other areas are holding it back for some reason.

Last nights Development Update was anything but an Update, just the usual weekly Marketplace & Pretty Screenshot Weekly Blog - not a single word on the “Hotfix”, a term I use very loosely as it’s now a Patch, Hotfixes come very quickly after major updates not a Month+ later.

So here we are again, left in Limbo not knowing what is going on because the communication has been so poor, will it eventually release to the Public before Xmas? That’s anyone’s guess, so @Jummivana @SeedyL3205 @OlieTsubasa443 can one of you PLEASE ask your Bosses for a communicative update as to what is going on with the post SU7 Update? Preferably from Jorg, as in my eyes he’s the one that needs to answer here.
Thank You.


It is almost if MS/Asobo thinks “they have a beta” so use that.
Well. I dont want to do that because I have a perfectly stable MSFS since dec '20 and dont want to risk breakage. Whatever users say about the ease ofinstalling, I’m not going to a beta.

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if you expect proper communication its always best to start that request with terms like “screwed over…”

I am considering to go beta… for me, the most annoying issue atm is that I can’t get my laptop touchpad to move the globe, whatever I try… driver update, “resetting mouse” options in Windows or whatever tricks don’t help.

We were screwed over by Bugs that should never of ever made it to Public release in the first place in SU7, sometimes you have to be blunt to state the obvious.


I’ve seen many posters say “just use the Beta” but that is yet another workaround and it’s not for everybody, this forum is only a fraction of the number of users so not everyone will even know about the beta in the first place (!). Instead they are left for a month with game breaking issues and the lack of communication does not help - that’s all I’m asking for, some communication as to what is going on.

I appreciate that some would like to know the exact details of when the next update to MSFS will occur.
Any such details would, as usual, be posted in #community:news-and-announcements. I have not yet known an update to hit MSFS and there not to be an associated announcement in that area of the forums.

The last “official” announcement concerning the next update in that area of the forums is:

The steam platform was also added to this beta at a later date:

If there are no updates to this information published then there are no updates!

The issue did come up in the discussion thread to yesterday’s development update:

I don’t have any further information than what has already been said. If there is a release before Christmas we will know about it. However, assume in the absence of any news that there is no news.