Official Discussion: December 16th, 2021 Development Update

@ SeedyL3205
Yes I agree. Some information about the Hotfix/Beta and what you plan to do with that would have been nice in the last dev update of the year. Especially since you’re taking a deserved vacation and we won’t be hearing from you for 2-3 weeks. I’m not really badly affected by anything in SU7 myself, BUT contrary to problems with previous updates you have kept the community hanging by a thread this time.


This seems to be a global issue. Quite a few people reporting it on the forums including myself… I had about 11 gb of content suddenly removed in the last 30 minutes.

And now it’s showing one of my purchases from tonight as not owned (after restart). This is fun

I never expect much from these weekly development updates but wow this one is a bit of a joke. Not even a mention of the hotfix. Looks like we will have to download the beta if we want to fly over the holidays.


Big problem is still the weather, i had temperature spikes again today, in the beta forums i have not seen any mentions of it lately. Therefore i consider to install the beta, but if i have to reinstall the whole sim afterwards i worry it would take two days again, constantly grilling my gpu during the process.

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Don’t care too much about that. My last active MSFS was FS2002 and that one didn’t really have automatic wheather yet. So if I don’t like what MSFS brews together I simply change it.

The build which is currently in pre-release testing is not Sim Update 8. We have not announced a release date for this build yet.

Thank you. Will there be any more changes to the current BETA or can we consider this Beta to be the Hotfix we’ll be getting?

Are MS/Asobo aware of this marketplace content bug that’s just appeared? I’m really running out of patience with this sim…

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yeah me to glad to know its not me i think its a bug in the update let me know if u fix it

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But you should know whether it will be published within one, two weeks or a month?


I’m disappointed that there is no mention of the hotfix, I mean how things are progressing along…


Any comments on people losing tons of purchased items? That getting fixed before people go on vacation?

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Hello, There needs to be a hot fix asap please, since sim update 7 Xbox (series x) has been unplayable especially with paid marketplace addons. I am getting constant CTDs on a majority of my addons. I have Also tried flying out of default airports with default airplanes and still getting CTDs immediately. today flying into London default airport and the stutters were the most severe ever since I’ve had the sim. I have tested numerous workarounds and yet the CTDs and Studders are severe. there are multiple forum topics on these issues. Again this has all started since SU7. I am aware of the beta testing and opting in however with no timeline of release and this winter break into January there is no telling of when this will be resolved for this very urgent. just voicing what I am experiencing since the last update. I love this sim, I just want to actually play it. thanks


That sounds like a big, fat NOPE

There are a few items I would like to buy today but will wait until marketplace issue resolved.

Are they kidding??? Oh come on! Vr tabs are completely broken and I can’t fly the airbus without charts and have navigraph open… flicking back and forth ctrl 1 or ctrl 0 is just phenomenaly absurd. The lead dev is a vr guy so why are we suffering with this.

It may seem small to some but it’s completely broken how we fly now.


The BETA is still full of bugs, especially in regards to the weather - it’s still very much broken unfortunately.


Oh no​:woman_facepalming: so with every “fix” we’ll get these kinds of surprising “features”? Hope you guys get it all back I’m afraid to look now.:eyes:

Just an FYI. We did get this reply on the Logterm for XBox thread.

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