Can we please get an official update on the FPS / stuttering bug

Being on the MSFS CS team has got to be an awful experience based on the number of issues they have had…

So rollbacks are not possible and let’s say 15% of users are suffering a degradation in their user experience. Curious, if you had a software title out, what percentage of users would you find acceptable to be having a poor experience where prior they had none? Feel free to put a number on it.

Yeah, I have the issues like everyone else, but the sim is still flyable- just a little annoyingly-jittery here and there.

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Typically, you have to opt into the beta in the first place, or your get the ‘normal’ version. And of course you can opt out at any time as well. Normal users aren’t delivered the broken beta goods like we are with MSFS.

Exactly; I know that in my job if I break things I am expected to fix them at my own time and expense and ASAP. I guess the way to avoid this is to become a software developer.

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I just checked the FPF Drop Bug thread. If this is what Asobo is looking at to decide a priority, the users begging for a fix are going to be very disappointed.

If you are having an issue…

  • file a DETAILED Zendesk
  • VOTE in the related BUG thread

If you don’t do those two things, you will be ignored. (Not by me, by ASOBO)


I’m a dev and that’s expected of me as well. If I break something, it’s my responsibility to fix it ASAP. It won’t be at my own expense, as it’s just a reality that there are bugs in software and no amount of testing can cover all possible permutations.

How things like that are handled have more to do with the ethos of the company and its internal culture.

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I just did the math… current related posts, unique users, votes in the bug threads.
Based on the 80000+ members, currently 0.365% have actually reported an issue.

The numbers I found are the same numbers that ASOBO is seeing.

If you believe the percentage is higher then I suggest you round up all the users posting in the “General Discussion” and drag their butts over to the appropriate bug thread and have them vote.

I am no statistician but after doing a dig through the forum, I am convinced that this will be a “Backlog” item on the bug list. If I was ASOBO, that’s where I would put it.

Considering there are bugs with 1.2% of users voting that haven’t been resolved.

The vote count is nothing more than a comparitive number and imo shouldn’t represent a “count” of how many users are having the issue. Some FS users are forum members, the majority aren’t. Some users are active posters, some aren’t. And within those active users, some report problems and vote, some don’t. The most we can do with those numbers is compare them to other reported issues. And so far, this issue approaching an equal number of votes to the highest voted bugs in the feedback snapshot.


Its worth pointing out that in just about every other industry other that commercial software that is not “life support critical”, that the way the absolute ‘seriousness’ of problems/issues/risks are measured isn’t simply chalked up to how many people report the issue…

Likelihood, Frequency, and Consequence should all be factored in.

So even IF it were true that a low percentage of total customers experience game-breaking FPS issues (frequency), the likelihood of it happening seems high (if it does happen to you, it almost always happens), and the consequence is high, both from a customer relations perspective (refunds, bad reviews, loss of brand trust and loyalty, etc.) , and from a customer experience perspective (product doesn’t work well or at all, takes up your time troubleshooting, etc.).

Asobo can do the math for the actual risk matrix easily and prove it for themselves. The issue deserves a proper blog post at a minimum.

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Statisticians would put that figure much, much higher. It was really a tale of two days. Day one, I had no problems. Day 2 with update installed, I had major change in user experience. My rig is adept, not top line but very similar to what the market has available. If we had the actual numbers, I would bet that 40 percent of all users are getting the FPS issue.

Hey JR, I not am suggesting that this is it. 231 people have the problem. I am suggesting that there is a process in place to elevate the 1000’s of personal complaints up to a legitimate level where ASOBO is going to start to take an issue seriously.

That means if you want your voice heard, stop hanging around in the general discussion, and round up those having the problem and drive them to vote. There are now 4 or more general threads on this. Most with well under 100 members posting. You cannot convince me that out of 80,000 members you can’t get more than 231 votes in a bug thread for a bug, I keep reading is “user wide”.

I think I said that incorrectly. You do not need to convince me. Convince ASOBO.

You do know that the thread for those NOT having the problem has almost 140 posts.

There are way more than 231 votes, to be accurate. There are at least three separate threads in Bugs and Issues regarding performance problems with the latest update, which pushes that number over 1000. The thread with the largest vote count is over 600.

Just because not everyone has the problem doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems…


There could be many many folks out there who never go to the forum. I scratched my head all throughout 2020 thinking I have bad equipment, doing something wrong or didn’t have the right configurations before realizing, NO, this program, as beautiful as it is, is truly a BETA. That’s when I finally took to the forums to express myself.


OOOO! I’ll take that bet.
According to those with the issue, this is a game breaker. “Unplayable”. If 32,000 members on this forum could not play their game, I am fairly sure that they would say something.

If there are 2M+ licensed copies of the sim and it requires an internet connection to play then I can assume that all those users have access to this forum. Nobody hand selected the members here. There are no special requirements to sign up. That means we have a random sample representing the whole.

We have a 4% snapshot of all MSFS users. Again I am not a statistician, but… If I want to poll the population in a country, I can get a pretty accurate result from a lot less than 4%. So lets assume this forum has a polling error of +/- 10%. That’s a really wide margin for error. that means the .3% currently represented could be in error. It could be as low as .27% or as high as .33%.

Point is. If you have a problem VOTE. Don’t stand in the market and shout. Nobody is listening. Use the process.
Remove “HIT ANY KEY TO CONTINUE” got votes…

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Hey simmers,

I just got an update as a reply on my zendesk ticket I filed regarding the performance issues.

This is what they said:

We are aware that some players are experiencing performance issues such as FPS drops, stuttering, or crashes.

Please be assured that we are monitoring the situation and investigating the cause of each of these problems. Performance is one of our top priorities, and we have numerous optimization updates planned for the near future. We’ll make sure to share more information in our development updates.

I’m happy to know that performance is one of their top priorities.
I’m sure they will get it fixed!!


Count the unique users. The vast majority are the same people voting in three different locations.
ANOTHER really bad idea. Just dilutes the effect.

Search for your issue FIRST. DO NOT start a new thread where one already exists.

Even if it is not exactly the same all you will do is reduce the chance anyone will care.

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This forum could use a “Top 5” issues section that simply takes votes. I am convinced that 4 out of 10 users are having issues post the update with their user experience, and post update, this is THE issue at hand. Someone referenced that it was “game breaking”. Those words never were written by me, but I am shelving MSFS for FSX for sure. If I’m not in the air, I’m in the books. Hopefully we have a fix soon.

Problem is they have been saying this since August and since then performance (and appearance of the sim) has done nothing but decline.