Cant control throttles and rudder when mouse over navighraph panel

steam ver

after latest patch , when the mouse pointer is over navigraph in game panel , i cant use my hardware throttles and pedals to control the aircraft

only when move the cursor away from the navigraph panel i can move them again

warthog throttles
MFG rudders
alpha yoke

Same issue for me

It’s not only Navigraph. I use several other moving maps (alternating) and whenever the mouse is over a panel, controls stop working.

The usual result is me turning/shifting the controls some way until I detect they do nothing. Then, at a point, when I click somewhere on the panel/background, controls kick in again and downards/upwards goes the flight, either into Heaven or into Hell. :rage:

Submitted to Zendesk for the Beta Patch, but not amended in the release Patch version.


It’s a Known issue that will be fixed for SU8 as confirmed by Jayne in the beta testing forum, yes it’s poor form to not fix this during the beta opportunity but it is what it is with these developers unfortunately.

In the meantime just move the mouse away from a toolbar window and your controls will work.

I asked on discord some people pointed me to fsuipc or spad next to solve this issue and have much better axis and buttons assigments as well

VR - when mouse cursor hovers a panel, no input from rudder, throttle, propeller, etc. Ailerons and Elevator OK

Thanks voted

If you read the answer from Jayne - this will be fixed in SU8 - until that, we have to move the mouse - its annoying, but not an impossible workaround :wink:

I agree its not deal breaker

Glad I’ve found this post! I’ve been having problems over the last few days with my rudder pedals and throttle jamming up. I narrowed it down to the weather or map screens…but didn’t realise it only happened when the mouse was over it. I’ve crashed several aircraft as a result. At least I know how to avoid / correct it now.
Can’t wait for SU8.:grinning:
I’ve voted in the mean time.


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