Carenado Aircrafts - Your TOP 3

I havent had issues doing 205 kts at lower altitudes a more reasonable 165-170 at alitude around 12,000 ft.


Want the 337 and model 18

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-Mooney at 7000’ Just love the responsiveness, could use more speed at higher altitudes but whateva, the interior is phenomenal, adore the engine gauge suite up top. Just feels so fluid and greasy. Power chart on the visor that doesn’t block your view is great.

-337 the Cessna Quirkmaster, when you want to do the exact same thing differently. But get your ears ready for that exterior camera.

-WACO(once in the air)

Got the 18 haven’t flown it yet, Staggerwing is great but WACO bumps it for open air goodness.

Will say it again for all Caranado aircraft, the default cockpit view on all of them is always bizarre at best. Takes a bit of fiddling in height/angle/zoom/horizon line to get a ‘correct’ POV, then Control+alt+1 and save a better default. The 170 is the worst of them for that. Makes a massive difference when you don’t feel both small yet somehow looking down over the nose of the 170.


I really like the 337, but IMO it looks more quirky than it flies. It’s known as a twin engine that flies like a single, enough so that it has a more relaxed type rating vs a standard twin. And with counter rotating props, it is quite tame on the controls. But it is one of Carenado’s better offerings and does feel nice to hand fly.


The 337 is in no way a bigger 172 or something, though - it’s a heavy beast. They did pretty well with feel on that one, I think, of all of them I’ve tried it feels most like an aircraft.

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yes, different; Beechcraft 17 Staggerwing - sound issues in multiplayer - other aircraft replaced my sound - Bug Reports / Aircraft & Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

honestly, i know that the JF Pipers are very very good, but, i dont own any of them :grimacing:
But thats just because, i have other GA planes that i like more than Pipers. Im using the C172 alot, even if it is just “default”, but it does the job to recreate my realworld flights. And besides that, i fly mostly the Kodiak and the PC6 by MilViz. Its a very nice plane, with so many details modelled in the visual model and the “systems”. Like, the Engine will die when you mishandle it, and the “Beta mode” they modelled quite nice and makes this plane unique. But im waiting on the Analog version, as this is what im realy into. Somehow, not a big fan of glass cockpits for GA planes.

Carenado, yeah, not bad, deffo stepped up the game a bit, from what i heard. But there are just better and more interesting planes for me out there, so that i dont feel the need for them right now. The PC12 they are doing would be my thing, BUT, the SWS PC12 will come at end of year, so my money will be at SWS once again. :slight_smile:

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  1. Mooney
  2. C170
  3. Staggerwing
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  1. C337
  2. C337
  3. C337

Have not flown the Mooney for months and months.
Uninstalled the C170 Flying Slug.
Uninstalled the two twins now that we have two of the greatest twins ever brought to a flight sim.

Loved the T34B in FSX

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Good choice, you will have a lot of fun with it!
But one thing I can promise you now: "these 2 planes will make you curious about the other Carenado models! I started with the M20R and the PA28R, and we know the result. :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

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The Skymaster is enjoyable. I have a thing for 1930’s era aircraft, so the Staggerwing and the Gee Bee are on my list too. I haven’t had a chance to pick up the Beech 18 yet, but I will be adding it to my hangar.

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This is my EXACT problem with the Mooney. I flew it all the time prior to SU5, then it sat with an inop fuel selector for weeks and weeks. When the patch was (finally!) released to fix the broken fuel selector, the performance dropped dramatically. The Mooney no longer flies to “book” numbers.

It has been sitting now for quite some time.

Prior to that, it was the best Carenado release to date. But, that was before the Skymaster was released, which flies nicely and looks fabulous. Plus, how can you go wrong with an “inline” twin? :slight_smile:


Curious here, Does anyone around have a toy like this? Or have an opinion related if this kind of add-on worth at all?? One thing that i hate is to use those GPS with my mouse. This and the G1000 looks so nice.

And thanks for all the replies. Going for the 337 today :wink:


Good choice. The Mooney is my favorite.

Now that MilViz has introduced the 310, my need for Carenado GA planes has dropped quite a bit.


I only own four, two of which are Local Legends/Famous Flyers made by Carenado.

I generally have no complaints with the Cessna 170. The Beech Staggerwing is beautiful but has a couple of minor bugs which have not been corrected (like the tail wheel lock switch not working right). The Beech 18 is brand new so I am still forming my impressions, but I generally like it aside from something weird seems to have happened with the elevator trim. All of them suffer from some bouncing on landing and ground-handling issues, which seem to be common to most taildraggers in the sim but which seem to be a bit worse in Carenado’s releases than those of some other developers.

The WACO YMF is beautiful and enjoyable enough in the air but the ground handling issues are 10x worse, to the point of making the plane so irritating that I never use it anymore.

Yeah, i believe youre right. I think im pretty much done with GA’s. I have my big 5.


Not into airliners but i always get that (rope climb in middle school) feeling about turbo props. I have my otter, probably just get a Dash 8, or Saab 340 and ill be done unless its a omg gotta have.


My favorites are, in no particular order:
Staggerwing, D18 and the WACO

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Just got the 182 yesterday, & I regret it, not usable in VR. The view starts at floor level, & can’t adjust to see out of the windshield.

Can’t speak for VR but a 2 second search on here found this;

Hope it helps.