Beechcraft 17 Staggerwing - sound issues in multiplayer - other aircraft replaced my sound

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Was flying the new Beechcraft Staggerwing. As soon as someone else joined in another Staggerwing, and they got within 5-ish miles, I lost my own engine sound, and their engine sound replace mine. We were both on Discord, so streamed to each other, and it was confirmed their throttle input changed the sound in my cockpit. WHen they got out of the 5-ish mile range again, I got my own sounds back.

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Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered: fly in multiplayer with more than 1 person flying the Staggerwing. We were both using the same livery, so maybe that might be a factor as well?

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Can confirm, we flew different liveries and still experienced this bug.

Reproduced this in a group flight - if you shutdown your engine you still get cockpit sounds of other group member’s aircraft instead.

PC Version

I have the reverse issue related to the staggerwing. After I bought it, I liked it the plane and audio worked great. However, when I fly any other aircraft and a Staggerwing D17 is near, I only hear the engine of the Staggerwing. All other sounds are overcome by the D17 motor audio so I can only hear engine and throttle input from the D17 pilot.

I deleted the D17 from my game, but the distinct sound of the D17 still overcomes all other audio in multiplayer.

I purchased all but one of the Asobo aircraft to support them, even though I have never flown any of them.

This sound issue eases my mind in not purchasing Asobo aircraft in the future, mearly to support MSFS. I will also have to accept that I will have to endure the jumbojet model placeholders (I suspect they are used by the marketing team), since I didn’t buy them.

Turning down engine sound to 0 is the only way I can play multiplayer community flights now. It is a total subversive issue and undermines developers of addons with high quality audio implementations. Microsoft and Asobo marketing is ruthless.

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Flying any aircraft, if a D17 gets close you will only hear their engine audio in the cockpit.
Much louder than your own engines noise.

External has your own only.

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Yes, this is stupid. Even when I’m not flying the D17 myself (was flying the Edgeley Optica), as soon as one in multiplayer gets near me, its sounds appear in my cockpit, and overpowers my own engine sound (REALLY loudly). Please, this needs to be fixed ASAP.

Might have to uninstall the D17 until this gets fixed.

On PC WU8 update

For some time now on multiplayer, another players engine sounds will suddenly appear in my cockpit as if they were my own. For example in the circuit at an airfield, someone will start their engine on the ground and suddenly in my cockpit I have the sound of their engine starting as if I was sitting in their cockpit. This has been going on for a few updates now so I am not sure if it’s something that is just low down on the list of bugs to squash or whether it is something strange going on in my sim. Has anyone else had this issue?
My post has been moved to this Staggerwing section but just to confirm this was happening before the Staggerwing came along and I don’t believe there was one near me but I could be wrong.

Steam #pc

Confirmed this as a bug. Originally, I thought it was an issue on my end; after some quick testing with a friend, we verified we in-fact were picking up one another’s engine sounds. It doesn’t eliminate or replace my own sounds, just simply layers his D17’s on top of it.

I can also confirm this bug occurs while flying ANY other plane in proximity of a D17.


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This is still happening inm SU9. The inside of my jet airliner sounded like indide the cockpit of a nearby flying Goose with radials.

Still not been fixed after 3 and a half months, and apparently an issue with All Carenado made planes.

Indeed. Also having it now with the D18. I remember having this issue also with the C170B when that was released long ago. Sad to see they still haven’t resolved this.