Staggerwing and Gee Bee Model Z/R2 Release Notes Update

Updates are now available for download for these two aircraft.

D17 Staggerwing

  • Implemented clickable cross bar show/hide option for improved cockpit visibility

  • Implemented collision camera for the interior cockpit views

  • Improved instrumentation behavior

  • Incorporated a Transponder

  • Changed “Beechcraft” logo font

  • Fixed multiple issues regarding the Fuel selector behavior

  • Fixed tailwheel lock operation

  • Fixed fuel gauge indications

  • Fixed hangar description only showing when selecting the red livery

  • Fixed audio issue in multiplayer mode

  • Localized several custom tooltips

Gee Bee Model Z – Gee Bee Model R2

  • Reduced rudder pedals sensitivity for increased control at all speeds

  • Improved stall characteristics

  • Fixed missing description strings in several tooltips

  • Fixed overstress speed in both aircraft to match real specs

  • Fixed engine CHT and EGT instrument indications

  • Fixed VR pilot’s default position

  • Fixed several checklist items not highlighted

  • Fixed quickview camera angles

  • Fixed hangar specifications displaying incorrect information

  • Fixed audio issue in multiplayer mode

    • One Known Issue: When close to a Gee Bee Z that’s starting up, you may hear the sound of its starter engaging as if it were your own. This bug is being worked on.