Carenado PC-12

In theory that works for a quick check but to be absolutely sure of file changes between versions you need to compare them with a diff tool. Dates can get changed many ways, and I wouldn’t rely on a package tool for my version control. Plus they have a bunch of encrypted packages, unsure what’s in them. The only thing I know for sure in software engineering is you can never assume anything till you’ve confirmed it. Or just ask Carendo via ticket would be easier.

I don’t have the issue anyway, PC-12 works for me fine with Avidyne on or off, so there must be some combination of factors causing some people issues, because it doesn’t appear to be everybody getting it as far as I can see. A hard bug to solve🤷

I’m sure it’s solvable, just needs more data to figure out the pattern.

Awesome, thanks!

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And don’t forget to disable the Avidyne there, if YOU have severe FPS Drops :laughing:!

Could you give me just a quick help how to disable the Avidyne? I cant find the right post. Thx in advance

Put a semicolon in front of the appropriate line. Before doing this, please save the panel.cfg in the directory:


;htmlgauge00=NavSystems/Carenado/EX500/EX500.html, 0,0,640,480

You must select the correct panel.cfg: If you decide to use the PMS50 GTN with WTT mode, then the panel.cfg should be edited in that particular mod from pms, otherwise the panel.cfg is in the official MSFS folder to choose.

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Anyone else having issues with none of the avionics not working? All black screens. Tried a restart snd also using the cockpit settings in terms of from cold and dark following check list, ready for taxi and ready for take off

Thx a lot for your info. Indeed I use the PMS50 GTN but didnt find a panel.cfg for this…only the one you mentioned

Try Carenado PC-12 - #1352 by Swinden64

Bought this product yesterday
Tested on 3 identical flights from LIMC to LIPZ on xbox series X (Flights lasted more or less 1 hour, gate to gate)
weather: few clouds default.
AI traffic : disabled
Rolling cache: disabled
Only addon used were LIPZ from Beautiful model of the world and LIML from Jetstream Design.
Started with smooth flight and good fps (apart sporadic stutters on entry departure rwy 18 at LIML)
During Landing (more or less 5 miles on final) FPS started to drop (FPS not shown on xbox but i think no more than 10fps). Avidane was kept OFF.
FPS dropped identically on final in each of the 3 flights tested (so i think it is a reproducible issue).
Tested the same route withwith same settings using the Honda Jet and the 414 Chancelor: FPS on LIPZ final were largely better, with smooth flight experience.
There is definetly something wrong with this XBox addon.
just my two cents on this.
All the best

Thanks for the test info.

Could you repeat it without the airport addons? You can uninstall them from the marketplace and reinstall later. A real test needs to eliminate all variables, and run different comparisons.

funny now you mention it my fps drops were on flights over 2 hours but always on descent/final
avidyne off

havent tested the disable hack yet

Fixed It For You (would have written FIFY, except for the stupid 10 character rule… sigh)

If the developer does all the right things… a high proportion of developers don’t even bother to change the revision in the manifest.json, so, as @Sonicviz says, don’t trust anything…

Personally, I like to use Winmerge for DIFFing…