Hi guys,

Does anyone knows if Parallel 42 has announced any work to bring chaseplane to MSFS ? We really need a simple and efficient camera system to save / bring different camera type (cockpit, wing, engine, external views) straight from the joystick buttons… without having to manually change categories to access those…


As far as I know, they haven’t announced anything yet. I’ve been also closely monitoring this topic…

Yea. I was complaining so many times about the mouse wheel zoom. Why the hell is zooming working without having RMB pressed. The amount of accidental zoom out/in that happens during the flight when I am rotating knobs is just super annoying.

What bothers me is, noone was really reading anything we wrote here. Be it tooltips, be it this zooming issue, be it the annoying white menu line on top of scren everytime I move mouse…so many immersion brakers that are so easy to fix. Noone cared about feedback here, that is what I am saying.


they need to fix the camera asap before i even touch it

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I’m sort of getting used to it by assigning controller buttons to select certain views (and multiple simultaneous button assignments to maximize my button options).

I’m hoping that EZDOK will be migrated as that gives more special motion effects as well as camera control.

Chaseplane is the king…nothing else :slight_smile:


I sent a message to the developers of ChasePlane to see what their plans are. I’m the developer of X-Camera for X-Plane and many users are asking if I plan to re-write X-Camera for FS2020. ChasePlane looks very similar to X-Camera and there is no need to go to all that effort if they plan to support FS2020. I hope they do.



I’m not using it without chaseplane

they are hoping to, its in Asobo’s hands

Did they reply to you??

There’s a wishlist thread with voting:

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Well if you make a free version with possibility to pay to get extended options such as in Xplane, you’ll be the winner here… go ahead :wink:

Yes, ChasePlane is the king. But until then…

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I did get an email from them that they wanted to talk but I have not heard from them since.


We need a better camera software
Of course, there are some other high priorities

I can say from 1st source (talking to Kevin and Edson from //42) that they have tried to get some support/ answers from Asobo since before the release, and so far have NEVER received any assistance from the team. Without further assistance from Asobo/ opening from the SDK, Chaseplane will not exist in MSFS.

Recently what Jorg (MSFS’s producer) said about another 3PD made me jump : he said (about HiFiSim) that he doesn’t want to see that type of product in his shelves (because yeah, weather in MSFS as for now is so great…), I don’t know if maybe he has the same idea about Chaseplane and camera controls ??

It is, I feel, quite a lie to say in one hand that “we have more than 1000 applications and partners etc” in front of the camera, but meanwhile blocking some of those very good 3PD that did help a lot to keep FSX surviving after 2 ditchings from Ms…


I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope that we would eventually get chaseplane. I’m sticking with game pass till we do. I bought X plane and didn’t use that at all because I didn’t like the default or the better camera addon. I must say better camera addon for X plane is still miles better than the default camera presently on this in my opinion


Makes me sad and angry to hear this…I miss chaseplane and I want it in MSFS…Asobo, please contact //42 and bring us Chaseplane in MSFS.


I sent a request to ZENDESK. All who are interested in Chaseplane should request too, to give it more weight…

Still no news, Mark ??