Checking Ground or Terrain Spikes

Several Ground Spikes: KRGK & vicinity
Can also be seen while on runway
Spikes increase in size as you get closer.

I have seen two similar spikes south of KLSE.

They are also near the water (river).
In my case both spikes increased in size as I got closer.

So the bug seems different than the “old” spike bug, where getting closer typically removed the problem. Here it is now getting “bigger”.


KRGK also increases in size. I updated my first post to reflect that.

Take off from brookridge air park LL22 in Illinois fly west and you will see it

I too, am seeing major ground mesh anomalies. Flying from Cranbrook (BC) to Nelson. It takes you over the city of Cranbrook down to Yahk then Creston, up over Kootenay Lake, then down the Kootenay River to Nelson. Several large mesh mountains on the rivers. They don’t disappear. I actually registered a crash into one. This after the latest UK World update. The spikes before this update would disappear once you got close to them, but not anymore.

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I saw those today when I took a flight from KGPI to CYXC (going to Kimberley). If you have photos, it would be good to post.

I tried to get pics but for some reason Windows-Shft-S is giving me just black screen pics. MSFS is in windowed mode, maybe the snapshots only work in full screen mode?

Can you remind us how to get coordinates?

I use nvidia for screen caps and video recording - but xbox app has one too (game bar overlay).

How to Take Screenshots of Your PC Games (

I use Bing or Google maps to get coordinates as I have a map open when I’m flying. On Google, right-click on the map where the area is at. Coordinates are at the top of the context popup menu.

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Here are the ones near KLSE.

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Since the february update update spikes have completely vanished. Asobol has done a great job! Thank you.

The disappearing spikes seemed to have been fixed (haven’t been to all areas of the world say that is 100% correct). However, the current spikes do not disappear but rather grow as you get closer.

I am from Switzerland and here spikes (e. g. Matterhorn) always grow, when you get closer.
Sorry my little joke.


Just found three huge mesh artifacts in Borneo (Indonesia) SE slightly off SE of Nunukan (WRLF) :scream:

LL22, KLSE, KRGK still got spikes, can confirm. didn’t try the rest listed here.

There is a series of spikes just south of O03. You can see them once you fly over the hill south of the airport.

These are the same, or close to, the ones BayMoss found.

Looking east from 40° 9’ 43.77" N 75° 49’ 42.40" W (Due east of O03)

They grow when you approach them.

The City of Golden Delights : Wellington Island (-49.65350183539866, -74.62989089902518):

The name you gave your photo made me laugh “sci-fi-cover”. :slight_smile:

Those spikes, do they grow taller as you approach?

Hester, you will like this photos name then too!
Spikes go up 16000ft, quite a show.

as I have a knack for flying in remote places I have already downloaded a worldwide collection of spikes, pyramids, sinkholes to Zen and will continue to do so on a regular base. Not sure if this forum gets the ball rolling at Asobo, you got background info?
But really, this place in Patagonia beats it all so far - welcome to the dust jackets of old SF-pulp magazines…