CJ4 Community Mod by Working Title Released

v0.3.0 will be the next release very very soon today

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We ran into a last minute bug with the flight plan. Once fixed, we will publish.

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Waiting with anticipation.

All right, so we have determined that the flight plan bug is going to take more time to investigate.
However, it’s not a game breaking thing so we are going to publish shortly and then issue a patch in the future. The issue comes into play when you try and input your own fixes into the route page. If you just use the default flight plan manager from the map page, everything is good to go. We are going to make a new thread and build the package so it’ll be 15 mins or so. Plus I need to eat dinner real quick.


Version 0.3.0 released: Working Title CJ4 Mod Version 0.3.0 Released


you guys are awesome. my favourite community mod. keep up the great work

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I am starting my descent of a second flight with the latest mod and no issues so far. I gotta relearn the FMS as I feel there a more new features I am not taking advantage of.

I do miss have the GS/TAS on my ND.

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after the update all screens are black

yep update broke the mod !

Asobo moved some files around related to cockpit stuff.
We are already working on it and it looks like there could be a patch release very soon.


Thank you! Can’t wait to be able to download and install the update. Keep up the good work!

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Couldn’t agree with you anymore. Is there a place where we can donate some $$ for their hard work?

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We on the Working Title team don’t take donations, but we heartily suggest donating to the charity of your choice for us.

Thanks and we should be back and up running with an update for the 1.9.3 patch sometime tomorrow.



Of course, name the charity and I will leave the donation under your development team name.


That’s a great idea, to give to charity; consider it done!

Thank you, Matt, to you and the Working Team for your contributions so far. Without these changes, we would not have even one decent bizjet to fly in this sim.



Thank you so much for the new release and the support for the new version!
Haven’t tried it yet but saw the changelog, bless you for adding DME on the PFD!! Finally can fly IFR!

Hey guys! I was just wondering, is there a working patch now for the recent update that came with Japan? As of now I had to revert back to the stock plane. Thanks so much!


Hey check this CJ4 Mod 0.3.1 @SunTiger81

I am new to MSFS 2020, and primarily bought it for the CJ4. When I found the ProLine21 didn’t really work someone pointed me to this add-on which works great. Yes, there are some bugs but another user came up with a fairly complete list, so I won’t repeat it.

Yesterday when I went to load there was a 7gbyte patch. After that loaded the CJ4 add-in appeared to be gone (but it’s still in the community folder). I rebooted and now the CJ4 comes up with no power on the PFD or MFD, and yes, the Battery, Gen’s, and Avionics are “On.”

Any ideas?

Last question. Before I lost the MFD I couldn’t move aileron or elevation trim. I’ve got the trim switches assigned but still no luck.

@RogerAmeden The post right above yours sends you to a new version that works with the latest msfs patch