CL 215 by Roland Laborie

This just dropped on simmarket. Anyone heard about or tried this one?


Interesting. I was under the impression that it was supposed to be freeware on
I cannot find it there anymore. That is not much of a surprise though as the site is somewhat lacking in usability ^^

Oh wow, can really live out that Buffalo Airways roleplay now.

Who’s going to volunteer to buy it and then fly it from Yellowknife to Turkey? :slight_smile: :wink:


It would have been nice if they released the CL-415 Turboprop variant! I will wait for reviews on this one! Never used any products from this company before so I am not sure about the quality.

Yeah, me too. The price could be a little steep for what it is and in my opinion the crusader was not really worth it from the same dev.

Nice one. If Lorby just brought the Firefighter X addon to MSFS this would be a really interesting combo.


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Seriously ? Water effect looks awful.
Textures lack any kind of 3d debth to them
Just a sfx blocky port.
If it was 15€ it would be ok.
It’s a pass


The aircraft looks ok to me. Certainly not up to Carenado or PMDG standards but compared to other popular payware aircraft it’s acceptable.
When it comes to the water effects … well … if I watch videos of smoke or water effects from 20 year old games, that’s about what they look like …

With Aerosoft planning on selling the Twotter for under €30,- I really see no way this can cost more … sorry.

I’m really astonishing about the pricing of some really mediocre aircraft over the last few months. Would love to see the actual sales figures compared to similarly priced high-quality products.


It may just be that a starved market with cash at hand does not care to much about the quality and buys anyway. Not many planes in that category available atm.


I am probably gonna pick this up at some point as I love seaplanes, but… I will wait for a few good reviews.


Exactly right, the market does not have much competition, especially in this genre of aircraft.

This is why I expected DEVs such as iniBuilds and ToLiss / PMDG to jump on board, rather now than when the market is flooded (which it will be no doubt, lucky for us!).

If you can churn out some top shelf aircraft at a decent rate, there is definitely money to be made in MSFS right now.

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It’s more expensive than the SWS Kodiak. I can’t see it being as polished though. As other say, I will look forward to reviews.


Not in THAT category, no. But let’s talk WW2 fighters or similar. There’s enough really good stuff out there and still there’s the Morane-D3801, the Super Connie the Crusader and the Electra. They are all not bad but severely overpriced in my book. But I digress … sorry.

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Nah you are on track my friend. Everyone has their own style of playing. And I am desperate for mid size cargo planes to use in on air. I cannot care less for yet another fighter or trainer. I was really looking forward to the DC-3, now after the Electra not so much. I wanted to love the Ju, but it is still broken. The Twotter will take until next year. So this may fill a gap. And eventhough I also think the price is too high, I anxiously await a review. I would buy if it is halfway decent just out of pure want to have a new plane :slight_smile:


Price would be OK if it would includes a fire extinguishing mission with scooping water, droping it in smoky air between hills and power lines, and again until end of fire.

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all the smoke/water effect are the default Asobo VFX so if they look awful, blame Asobo. Dev cannot add their own effect yet.

Neofly has fire mission.


You must be able to tweak them though, as I’ve seen various users for them. A usable fire truck spraying water, and fireworks to name but two.

If it’s anything like their F8 Crusader , it will be a tad overpriced and let down by it’s sounds package.

( Overpriced , as in €10 overpriced ) .

there is only preset that you can use

Sorry what? Yea we can…granted the fx editor is still in a beta state, but you can create brand new custom effects if you know how to.

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