Click spots in cockpit

Since SU7, the click spots seem to have moved, anyone else? Is there a solution perhaps?
Scrolling through the G3000 menus is a massive pain in the butt and in general if the buttons are small, it’s so infuriating because my mouse pointer is on it but the click spot will be the very top left and a very small spot so accidentally clicking some wrong by mistake is more than likely.

And the TrackIR thing is well known so not even gonna bother mentioning that, lol.


I can confirm this experience!! very annoying!!! We can hope that they fix it with a hotfix!


I observed the same problem. I could reproduce the problem in multiple cockpits. Of course it is even more of a problem when buttons are small, e.g. on FMS/FMC of jets and airliners.


in the center of the screen the problem is not so present. try to push a button in front of you, and a button on one side of you field of view. it seems the problem becomes more the more your clickspot is on one side.

can you confrim it?
(sorry for bad english)

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You might actually be on to something, just did a little test parked in the DA62, the volume knobs and the little left/right arrow button on on the top left of each G1K, the click spots are clearly different, the further right of the cockpit, the more left is the click spot. Good catch. Wonder if it has something to do with the VR update they did… hmmmm

While this is no solution to the issue, if using the interaction system “Lock” then the relevant knob will highlight when the mouse is in the correct ‘click spot’ area and reduce the likelihood of the wrong knob being inadvertently turned or clicked.

General Options>Accessibility> Cockpit Interaction System (from memory) gives the two options “Legacy” and “Lock”

Yep, same annoing issue.

Same problem. VERY frustrating :wink:

Hello same problem except without trackIR

Yes, I am having that issue as well, have to zoom really close in to the switch and sometimes that does not even help?

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As someone suggested try the lock mouse feature…much, much better especially in trackir.
What I have been dreaming for.

Yes same here. The perspective is wrong for the mouse relative to the cockpit.

@tamalien here is an another topic about the same issue. Could you merge it please? :slight_smile:

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With the latest patch today It is apparent the alignment of the mouse cursor to interactive controls has shifted significantly to the left of center, (Non XBOX setting / Legacy mode). This is happening with interaction with the Auto pilot dash controls on the NEO A320. Also of even more concern the aircraft flies to the left of the plotted flight plan track . I have all the tool tips and such turned off . No Mods installed. It seems to be worse the Higher the resolution you are running at. I run @ 4K 16:9… More than just a distraction !

This is driving me crazy… Tested in C208 and B350 and have the same problem…

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Mouse is misaligned on all knobs. Frustrating…


same over here. Wonder why just a few of us here. Is it so isolated issue or the rest doesn’t bother at all?


Yes me too. So frustrating after su7. Takes 3 times as long to find the click spot in the cockpit for any switch. Spots are displaced to the left? Grrr.

not sure. I feel like Asobo doesn’t even test their updates thoroughly anymore. To me this should be something really obvious to spot during testing. Same with the head-up display…now it is an incomplete zoomed-in version.


I noticed this misalignment within 15 seconds after i updated to SU7 and got in to the game and into a cockpit. First i realized i was missing a lot of buttons i never miss with my mouse pointer. If i were a tester i would have found this bug at once. It would never have gone by me.

Testing is nonexistent nowadays …