Cloud save

In face of the recent loss of logbook and settings (Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]), I suggest the game implements some cloud saving strategy for all progress statistics of the game, including:

  • Flight time;
  • Player statistics;
  • Game settings;
  • Achievements and achievement progress;
  • Friends list;
  • Completed activities and activities progress;
  • Logbook;

I understand it does exactly so … very few traces on ones device.
problem is ,… yo do not own that cloud , do you ?
It is almost treated as a “secret”…



I see your point. Someone could have access to how much time I spend on this game. It can be problematic to some people (even me to a point) among other problems related to privacy.

On the other hand, I don’t want to deploy some backup strategy to protect my game history from developer blunders like the one that just happened and so many players are doing. To me, MSFS should be fun, not a job.

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