Constant CTD's after Jan 2022 update

Complete reinstall fixed me…didn’t have to mess with any of the sound card driver fixes.

Me too…unplayable since the update.
Changed NVidia Driver back from 497.29 to 496.76 but still permanent CTD.
And of course…DX11, DX12, HAGS on/off, Game Mode on/off…
Before the update it worked fine for me.
I think its time for an official statement from Asobo. I spent too much money in the OFFICIAL marketplace for this game but I will end this untill this game runs stable.

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This also seemed to work for me (I also have an ASUS mainboard). By disabling Sonic Studio Virtual mixer I could play now for 1,5 hours.
The longest since I made the update. Usually max 10-15 minutes where possible.

I am also part of the constant CTD crowd, I can barely get off the ground without a crash since the update. In five flights this weekend I’ve had four hard CTDs, the most recent one resulted in the need for a hard reset and a complete graphics driver reinstall. Since the update I’ve added one aircraft livery, but removing it still resulted in a CTD, so I’m trying it now in Safe Mode. If this doesn’t work I’m stuck and can’t even use the game at all.

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No Nvidia problem :wink:, just another third party program problem.

Happy flying :smiley:

Also also working for me with an Asus Z-590-E board, disabling Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer completely solve the CTD for me too.

After 2 months of CTD nightmare it’s finally over.

A very big thanks to you !

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I have trouble even starting a flight, tried 5 times today and each time ctd before I even get started, I am on xbox running the base game only no add ons , this is beyond a joke, its unplayable again

You are welcome my friend, I guess I was lucky, and I had a little help from MichaMMA, who pointed me in the good direction. I just lost one night of good sleep :wink:

I have it running now. Haven CTDs and was searching the forum!
Will try it now.
Thank you!

I just took it off my system as well. Will check this evening. When not interrupted.

30 min and no CTD so far. I was getting them within 5-10 or less.

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No I played more than 3 hours without CTD. I think that was really the reason for the CTDs (the Sonic Studio Audio Mixer)
Before disabling the Audio Mixer the maximum time between two CTDs was about 10-15 minutes…

Maybe the moderator should pin this solution? Is this possible in this forum? (I am new here)

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Can confirm. I was getting CTD even seating at the main screen within 5-10 min. It is now over 30 min and no CTD (after I disabled Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer).

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Not everybody has Sonic Studio but still CTD after the update.

Yes, but maybe it is generally a third party sound driver issue?


The problem is sometimes I can fly around 20 minutes and sometimes I even can’t load the game since the update.
Try several flights with different planes and you will see if it really runs stable now.
In the past there were so many “solutions” that did not solve the CTD problem. But with the latest update CTD is a bigger problem then it was before.
The joke is that I also tried Xbox today and I had no CTD. CTD on Xbox was my reason to change.:roll_eyes:

Thanks guys, disabling Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer seems to have fixed my CTD’s too.

I’ve been in FS hell since the update trying everything including a full reinstall of MSFS, I lost count of how many times it CTDed just while installing the Content Manager files.

I’m a happy bunny again now flying the virtual skies once again :slight_smile:


I got CTDs after 1 hour of airliner IFR flights before this patch and just now…

I was just recording with my phone the screen to show the FBW A320 CAT3 approach in a rainy weather to my (pilot) friend, after 1 hour of flight and behold, another CTD as I was getting closer to the runway…

Yes it is frustrating and no idea if it’s the sim / updates / patch or FBW update or some other addon loading or Win 10 or any metaphysical phenomenon causing this :slight_smile: yet I will need to promise myself and remember to not go ambitious with MSFS and avoid these airline simulation flights and stick to some VFR fun…

That is a good idea. It is for shure a solution for some users

additional we have here a list of known trouble maker tools ( at least which made trouble sometime ):

also note for all which needed to disable former nahimic service to get it work: a update re-enabled this service again, may check it.

PS: these list have to read in a bit “wide” range :slight_smile: