Constant disconnect - Issue with streaming data... at 95mb/s?

Okay… here’s my problem. I just started having this issue a few weeks ago. Before that FS was running beautiful at average of 30FPS.

I continually get disconnected. I always get “Your connection had an issue while streaming data, you have been switched to offline mode”

Here’s a video of the process:
FS2020 Disconnect/Switched to Offline Mode-at 95mb/s

Yet, I do a speedtest and have no web page/browsing issues. Download speeds ave 95 mb/s. I can access web pages with no problem.

I updated the wifi adapter driver and even switched it with another adapter. I even switched USB slot to another one.

Ryzen 5 3600 (6 core)
RX 580 (8GB)
Corsair 16gb mem

  1. I have Reset and Repaired the app thru Windows settings.
  2. I did the NDU registry edit.
  3. I have completely uninstalled FS2020 and reinstalled it (3 times mind you)
  4. I have cleared out my Community Folder.

Sidenote: I even changed the settings to Offline mode, and when I start a flight, it will hang at a certain point and not budge.

The unusual thing is it will reconnect very quickly, yet data is nowhere to loading maps/scenery.

Needing advice on how to fix this before I head over and install X-plane or DCS.

175Mb/s with stable fibre, 2900+rtx3080ti+32GB, there was a major server outage a number of months ago, prior to that I never had the issue. I now get intermittent disconnects, I think it’s MS server issue

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Hi… you said “wi-fi” driver? It should be more stable if you use a network cable instead of a wi-fi connection. At least try it that way to see if it helps?

I’ve been thinking about that, but it ran great on wireless before. And I think an ave of 95 mb/s would be fine.

Which server are you using?
I’m using west coast server myself.

Mostly Europe

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Speed is good, but wi-fi comes and goes, try a cable for a while - see if it improves.

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So my issue (after two months) has been resolved!! :grin:

Low and behold it was in the Host file within Windows system folder itself. The actual location is C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

I found that removing the following entries in the file resolved the network issue with FS2020

If you ever have a Window that informs you "Your connection had an issue while streaming data, you have been switched to offline mode”, you may want to check the Host file.


just in case you not know “why” this entries was in your host file:

you had google-maps-replacement installed… The forum is full with cases where users run into same issue because of these mod. Then often they simple remove the mod, or also reinstalling the whole MSFS application, but with no effect.

Exactly what I had figured. The Google Maps Replacement was decent as far as ground textures, but to have it change and alter the host file is wrong in my opinion.

I had this happen today and wanted to thank you for the fix. Sure enough it was the Google Maps mod that caused it.

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Same problem here. So I need to do more than uninstall Google Mod, but also delete the two files mentioned above in the “Hosts” file?

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I found running the Google mod then clicking Stop Mod removes those two lines for you. Or just delete them manually.


I didn’t have this problem at all with previous versions of this mod with the two lines left in the host file. Not sure which version it started with. But at least we know what to do to rectify the disconnect problem.

I like using the mod sometimes because it corrects areas that are too green, green roads and some other interesting things are displayed when using it.

correct… its also mentioned in older topics…

you can also simple remove the file, may backup, and restart pc :slight_smile:

The newer versions of that mod have an uninstaller, but lots of users not use it , because its just so un-commona that a mod change a system file.

The later versions of the GM mod have a “stop mod” button. Make sure you use that button when closing out the mod instead of just using the X button in upper right corner. That fixed the connection issue for me. I was trying to run MSFS in a vanilla, mod free setup to check some stuff when my connection message issue started. Took me 3 days to figure it out before I came across this thread which prompted me to check the map mod. I did NOT go into any file folder to delete any lines. Problem solved at least for now. Thanks for the help guys.