Control sensitivity way to sensitive, same for trim wheel

Im pretty sure im in modern and still have it.

You can obviously in the sim, make the rudder Efficiency anything you want, but to be realistic, for a Give Plane : for a given condition (airspeed, altitude, etc), with wings kept level, a full rudder deflection should yaw the place by a given amount.

If you make the rudder efficiency too low, it will have so little effect, even at full deflection, that you will not be able to control the aircraft as you may wish.
ie Takeoff right rudder correction, co-ordinated flight in a turn , being able to Slip etc etc

Neither !!! The “Rudder” is not the same as the “Aileron” :frowning:

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I’m a little confused by these instructions. If, as some have argued above, that the files are SEALED AND ENCRYPTED, then this is just a waste of time. Hell, I’m desperate, I’ll try anything. From that standpoint, if I make these changes, do I go back and change the other values back to 1, or leave them low. Thanks
Oh, and what exactly do I do to “link” this thread to ??? and up vote it? I’m so jealous of all the videos I see of people serenely flying around. I think I’ve been off the ground 4 times since this dropped, and it’s been a struggle.

May be two issues going on. Here is the out of control thread. This was and still happens at random times to me.

Other are having this sensitivity issue. Mine adjusts fine and in even increments. I do not and will not edit any program files to me this a good way to have a file corruption issue.

Good Luck and hope you get to enjoy the sim soon @ over 100 hours I have had a great time just flying around the world looking at stuff. Not saying I don’t have issues with things not working properly but making the best of it until the fixes.

A suggestion. Try a few different aircraft until you find one that works pretty well for you. Then stick with that for a while until you get comfortable with the sim and flying and you’ve had time enjoying the experience. After that explore other aircraft and by then perhaps some of these aircraft and other issues will be fixed.

I have absolutely no problem with trim. Mapped to my Honeycomb yoke…sends single keypresses up and down.
Another way everyone can use is to look at the trim wheel in the sim, left click and hold the button down, then look up. Now you can pull the trim up or down and get the plane stabilised.

I think for most, who have the trim correctly mapped to an UP and a Down button, the operation of the wheel is fine. You have good control to move it a little, and also the ability to move it faster if needed.

If you map the trim to an analogue Throttle control, then you don’t stand a chance of setting the trim accurately.

But the problem many are seeing (including myself), is NOT a Trim Control issue.

Its a Trim Effectiveness issue, on a plane that has greatly reduced Static Pitch Stability, and unstable Dynamic Pitch Stability. It is a LOT more difficult to reach a stable trim situation, for a given power and VS, than it is in the RL C172.

The C172 (Both Steam Gauge & Garmin models) are nearing high Dynamically Instability, instead of being closer to having Critical Damping.
The plane tends to Porpoises, only very slowly reducing its oscillations.
If the Oscillations are much over +/- 1500 ft/min, the plane will get into a state where it will never stabilize.

I am not saying YOU cannot Trim the Plane - the AP can eventually, and Roger, the AI Pilot, can do it almost instantly (The show off - but he cheats !!)

This inability to be able to easily & correctly trim the plane, becomes particularly important when landing - resulting in Inconsistent approaches … some you win… some you are are not so lucky.

If it was like this is Real Life, there would not be many C172 pilots still living.


Very descriptive and technical explanation. Thanks! Whether we use the term trim effectiveness or trim control, managing (yet a third but non technical term) straight and level flight sucks. AP for many is a nightmare as well.

For the trimwheel look for something with elevator trim effectiveness because it concearns the horizontal tailwing not the rudder which is the vertical on the tail.
In different type of planes this can be seen if youre in outside view behind the plane. The cessna for example has a section on the tailwing on the right side, you can see what i mean if you press c key to take control of the airplane outside than if you control the trimwheel by keypresses. Check out on different aircraft type.
It is to enlighten pressure on the Yoke collum elevator during take off or landing or attitude deviation. To change the so called angle of attack.
Better well trimmed than unshaved i say

Good trimming to all of you.

Thanks for the info. Having to do this on each aircraft is a major pain in the whatever eh? It also could be overwritten during an MS patch or version change.

It should not be so, because that would be in my opinion a privacy violation it is still a personal computer. And by the way, if you put it in youre device profiles, gave them the name of the airplane plus addition, in that way it is safe unless de designer assign different values overall. Than it adaptatie in the plane configuration but remember to make a back-up file in case you twist it to much.


Perhaps I don’t understand what you’re saying, but If you are modifying elements of the sim on your computer that are going to get overwritten as part of a download for a patch or version change, then your changes would be lost. However another user mentioned that changes can be saved in a Community folder which is not overwritten as part of those processes.

Do we get any lag with this mod (XedocProject)? Will it mess with other games as well or can we set profiles for especific games? Because this is a specific problem with MSFS. Because then we might muffle our responses in other games.

More importantly, do we have any feedback from the developers? So far I see no mention in the wishlist, and even though they are bringing back the sensitivity adjustments (that went AWOL in the last update), we still need further adjustment.

Someone was saying here that it is not just a problem of control sensitivity, but a problem of physics, when the control surfaces are too responsive to the wind / thrust. So it is a flight model problem.

They should have been on top of it, because if a flight simulator has bad control surfaces, what then? I even gave up trying the challenges. The planes are too unstable to get a good score. I gather that some people might be using mods or have controls that are not so affected by it, and I imagine pedals with hall sensors would suffer less, but the issue should be at least in the wishlist.

I was going to open a thread, but it seems the problem is well documented.

BINGO !!! I 100% agree, and affects ALL Planes, GA & Airline


I do have to say, i have been flying the Carenado Mooney almost exclusively the last week, and it flies so much better than the standard planes.

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Which Mooney from Carenado are you flying?

Uhm, the M20R Ovation, the only one they released for MSFS2020 so far.

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Either they adjusted the controls according to our feedback (players) or the flight model is better at control surfaces. The good part is to know that it can be fixed or made better. The bad part is that Asobo did not fix it so far, and this is a complaint made by players basically since day one. We are on the third update and nothing.

Controls surfaces are critical. It is the same as sell a bike with misaligned wheels and no fixes in sight. I hope they get to it as soon as possible.

EDIT: talking about the M20R Ovation. For some reason I can’t quote who posted about the M20R Ovation. In fact most of the times I can’t quote posts. I select the quote icon, but nothing happens.